seashells of Sanibel

In the last couple of days, the seashells have been rolling in with the surf at Blind Pass Sanibel and a few so far at the lighthouse too. The above photo of a sampling of what we found so you can enjoy virtual shelling ASAP if you can’t be here right now. So go ahead…. click on the photo above and I’ll wait for you so I can show you the rest of the photos. (whistle, hum, whistle….la, la, la….)

Okay, you ready for the rest?

Look at the first photo on the bottom left part of the pic. You see where the yellowish color meets the greenish water? That’s that drop off I was talking about yesterday and where we found most of the better shells (like my ALPHY). This was at Blind Pass Sanibel Sunday afternoon.

Blind Pass beach Sanibel

Then the water was receding with the low tide and they started washing up on the beach….

shells at Blind Pass

Dayna from Sanibel (I’m sorry if I misspelled your name! My notes disappeared) with her big catch of the day… a huge HORSE CONCH. And her daughter!. Congrats!

Dayna with horse conch

horse conch seashells sanibel

Mindy from New York was specifically looking for collecting KITTENS PAWS.

new york mindy seashells

There were oodles of them along with COCKLES and JEWELBOXES….

kittens paws

Oooooh, I found a FLAT!

flat scallop sanibel

Then we walked the beach by the lighthouse last night and found the PEN SHELLS and double DOSINIAS were littered along the shore. That’s a great sign for great shelling to come! The PEN SHELLS are the first ones to get dislodged out in the gulf after a rough seas so this could mean great shells will wash up the next few days.

pen shells dosinias sanibel


lightning whelk corner

This teeny tiny baby crab was alive and crawling around on this very cool old SHARK’S EYE. Can you believe the color?

baby crab on sharks eye

This LONG SPINED SEA URCHIN was still alive so he went gently back into the water.

long spined sea urchin in pen shell

I met 2 great gals from Kentucky looking for WENTLETRAPS Sharon and Renee (friends of HL!). I think the had been picked over by someone else but we still found about 10 wentles and lots of other goodies.

Sharon Renee sunset sky

Goodies like this fabulous WORM SHELL Clark  found…

worm shell sunset

We are having a very dark, rainy day with rumblings of thunder predicted all day so I’ll just wait another day to go shelling and another night to see skies like last night on the beach. I couldn’t decide which photo I like better so I’m posting both.

Sanibel pier sunset reflection

watercolor sky sanibel pier