As you know, I couldn’t wait to post Clark’s 14″ HORSE CONCH (and the video) he found on Saturday. That’ll go down in the ol’ memory vault. What a find! WooHoo! Oh, What’s that you said? You want to see the pictures of the HORSE CONCH all cleaned up? Oh alright, if you insist…..

14 inch horse conch
14 inch horse conch

Pretty, huh? Clark soaked it in a weak bleach solution for a couple of days to get the barnacles softened up to be able to pop them off. It worked! All I had to do it run a metal dental pick over all the crud and it all came right off.

14 inch horse conch aperture

I love the little curve of the tail (anterior) of “him”. I know you are thinking it still doesn’t look all that clean but for some reason I like the brown parts just like they are. I don’t like it to be scrubbed off so that’s why Clark didn’t put too much bleach with the water for soaking. After time, all of that brown part will flake off so at least I will enjoy it until nature takes it’s course.

big conch shell

Here’s a photo taken on the beach with the rest of our finds. We didn’t find a huge quantity of shells but the quality was fab-ul-o-so.

14" conch whelks, sand dollars

Here’s a better look at the LIGHTNING WHELK Clark found too. Okay, he found the SUNRAY VENUS, KINGS CROWNS and the WHELKS but I found the SAND DOLLARS. I was on a mission to find those SAND DOLLARS so that’s all I was focused on (it’s sounding like an excuse, isn’t it?).

lightning whelk clark
lightning whelk aperture

Oh wait! I did find some other cuties too…. WORMIES! And a BABY’S EAR. Clark was in a zone, man, he found this WHITE ROSE PETAL TELLIN too. Geez.

worm shells, babys ear, rose tellin

Clark thanks you for all of your fun comments on his big find. He might not comment back but he truly gets a kick out of it (as I do every day!!!). xo

2 Ibis fly North Captiva
2 Ibis fly over North Captiva
conch shell with dime