Sanibel beach path

It makes me so happy when Sanibel low tides are in the evenings. It’s my favorite time of day to walk the beach so low tide is such a bonus.

Alphabet cone sky

Finding this ALPHABET CONE was a double bonus! I found it right before dusk on the ledge of this little tidal pool near Donax Street beach access….

aqua sky reflection

There were lots of PEN SHELLS, COCKLES, DOSINIAS and live seashells.

pen shells cockles

I met a first time sheller with all of these (unknowingly) live STARFISH in her bucket. She couldn’t believe she they were still alive since they felt stiff but was very happy to now know to put all SEA STARS back unless they are completely dry. We put them back in the water where they did a little happy dance and started crawling away.

Sanibel sea stars

There were so many EGG CASINGS strung all along the shore line.

egg casings on Sanibel


Tulip Shell egg casing sky

Tulip shell egg case


whelk egg case

I even found a SKATE EGG CASE….

Sanibel skate egg case

An ANGEL WING! Clark found it completely in tact floating in the surf.

Clark angel wing

Jim (MO) found an old, pitted LIGHTNING WHELK full of character.

Jim whelk Sanibel  beach

Sharon (GA) was collecting sea debris of SPONGES, a CRAB SHELL and a SEA URCHIN but she didn’t have a shell bag. She only had her aqua blue flip flops to carry them on. The perfect back drop!

spongy shoe

Talk about a perfect back drop….. My Shelling Sistahs Linda, Anna and Jean in their cute tees with the full moon! This was monday night at the lighthouse where we were still finding lots of minis but not many bigger shells.

Shell tee shirts

I was mesmerized by shellcrafter Jean’s orange bucket swinging against the reflection in the sand of the blue and pink splashed sky.

shells by the seashore

We went to the lighthouse again tonight but I haven’t loaded my photos yet but I gotta tell you, we found some nice shells. Double SUNRAY VENUS CLAMS, PAPER FIGS, CONCHS and much more…. photos and a video to come!

Sanibel shell scoop beach