simple beach

The beach gives us a different perspective about life, doesn’t it? The calming sounds of the waves lapping up on the shore and the smell of the salty sea seem to give us powers of healing. We start getting a little rejuvenated by the aqua colors of the water, blue skies, splashes of orange and pink shells on the bed of tan sand to bury our toes in.

boy father with sand bucket

It brings us back to the basic beauty of life.

boy and girl sand pale

A simple bucket filled with sand, water and a few shells can be the perfect ingredients for a marvelous morning.

baby fish

This simple little bucket can turn into a fascinating world of wonder after adding a tiny baby fish.

boy with sand bucket

This is better than finding a JUNONIA.

wonder bucket

The whole family can share in the joy of the “wonder bucket”.

family on Capitva beach

Cody, Sarah, Tim and Angie were my best “finds of the day”…. It’s always nice to find a great shell but sometimes it’s even better to find a great family enjoying the uncomplicated pleasures of the beach.

girl with heart on beach

Besides finding the fish for her little brother’s bucket, Sarah found a large heart shaped rock. Perfect for a girl with a big heart.

parents on captiva

Soaking up every single second of this beautiful life at the beach. This is what I call an awesome happy day!

peaceful beach

I wish every family could have this experience.

aqua water jetty rocks

So I’d like to dedicate this post to

Make-A-Wish Foundation.

boy and sand bucket

If you would like to know more about Make-A-Wish, make a donation or spread the word about how to grant a child’s wish, please click on….


A special thanks to Royal Shell for their generosity to grant wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation.