Blind Pass Captiva seashells

Blind Pass Captiva seashells

The Gulf of Mexico was twisting, turning and churning all day today so I was chomping at the bit to get to the beach to see where the good shells were going to show up. I got to the Captiva side of Blind Pass around 4pm to find …… a seashell frenzy!

boy with angel wing seashell

Nolan (WI)

Nolan was a very lucky boy to find a perfect ANGEL WING. I’m always so surprised that this fragile shell can stay completely intact with such rough waves tumbling and tossing so many shells together like a washing machine.

girl with two seashells

Ella (WI)

Nolan’s sister Ella sprung into action too and found a FLAT SCALLOP and a fantastic HORSE CONCH.

Kids with seashells

Avery and Max (Orlando)

Avery and her brother Max had already filled up two shelling bags filled with FIGHTING CONCHS, COCKLES, OLIVES, MUREXES, SCALLOPS AND CLAMS within an hour or so. Adorable!

Captiva Seashell frenzy

Captiva seashells washing ashore

The shells weren’t that easy to snag since the waves were pounding on the shore so it was helpful to have a scoop like Nolan in this picture. Another good option was to feel around in the water on the edge of the surf like you see the two girls in the picture above.

girl with cone seashell

Tanya (CA)

Looky what Tanya found getting in the water on the edge of that surf (she’s one of the gals in the picture above in the water). A perfect ALPHABET CONE!

Teenager find seashells

Yulia (CA)

Minutes later, Tanya’s sister Yulia found her own ALPHABET CONE. They deserve those ALPHABETS and all the other shelltastic shells they collected after being punished by those pounding waves for hours. Determined girls! I Love it!

mom and son with seashells

Griffin and Kris (Chicago)

Griffin found a KINGS CROWN, a beautiful TRUE TULIP and together with his mom they found a big bag full of ….. well, there was just too many shells to name. They had another bucket full too!

Teen with cone shell

Caroline (Chicago)

Not to be outdone by an ALPHABET CONE, Caroline found the most beautiful carrot colored FLORIDA CONE.

Carrot color cone shell

Caroline's Forida Cone

Honestly, this photo doesn’t do Caroline’s CONE justice. I wish you could really see how magnificent the color was of this shell. Outstanding.

Family Captiva beach with seashells

Doug, Caroline and Laura (IL)

It’s always such a pleasure to watch families have so much fun together collecting shells…. ahem, well I should this time say “body surfing for shells”. Take a look at Caroline’s happy picture above with her FLORIDA CONE. Now look over her shoulder …. that’s her dad diving and body surfing to scoop big handfuls of shells. The thrill of seashell victory is very addicting. :)

Sanibel man with seashells

Clark with his best shells

Clark has been celebrating victories not only with the shells he found today but with the VCU basketball team. VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) is in the Final Four!!!! That’s Clark alma mater and he is hog heaven seeing them succeed. Go Rams!

Captiva seashells

Our shells that we brought home

What a victory of seashells. This is what we shellers dream about….. days like this.

Sanibel stoopers

Captiva crouchers

seashells in Captiva surf