Shell Fair Seashell mirror

Shell Fair Seashell mirror

We finally got some much needed rain this morning to water the plants and to refresh the island. Whenever it rains, I get excited about doing an art project since I know I’ll be inside all day. I revisited my photos from the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show to get inspiration and a few ideas… then I realized… I never showed you most of the winners from the craft division of the show.

Blue Ribbon best flower arrangement hobbyist

Blue Ribbon best Seashell flower arrangement hobbyist

Can you see how this artist made the cacti? SEA URCHINS with TUSK shells poking out of the holes! What a fabulous idea to use TUSKS as thorns. I love creative people.

Sharon Thomas first place

Sharon Thomas blue ribbon

Take you time and browse through the rest of these magnificent works of shell art.

Blue Ribbon Hobbyist Lucy Ann Read

Blue Ribbon Hobbyist Lucy Ann Read


Deborah Yamin Second place winner

Deborah Yamin Second place winner

This one by Deborah Yamin is simple yet so elegant. Look at the OPERCULUM leaves.

Blue Ribbon Hobbyist Leslie Anding

Blue Ribbon Leslie Anding, Hobbyist

I love boxes of any kind and this one is especially sweet, isn’t it? I bet Leslie self collected those little WENTLETRAPS and ARK shells. I met her at the beach last year looking for those shells and BABY’S EARS on post Mixed Shell Bag.

Brandy Llewelyn shell fair winner

Brandy Llewelyn blue ribbon winner

I also met Brandy Llewelyn last year looking for mini shells at the lighthouse.

Blue Ribbon Elaine Alvo

Blue Ribbon winner Elaine Alvo

This is an adorable mermaid with her SEAHORSE and seashell treasure chest.

Blue Ribbon Hobbyist Victoria Ross

Blue Ribbon winner Victoria Ross, Hobbyist

Blue Ribbon single stem hobbyist Donna Carey

Blue Ribbon single stem hobbyist Donna Carey

Blue Ribbon Tyler Schoenherr

Blue Ribbon for Tyler Schoenherr

Have you gotten inspired yet? Well, I kind of went in a different direction. Instead of getting inspired to make shell crafts, I got inspired to do more posts about shell art and crafting so we will know what to do with those beautiful shells we bring home. But for now, the sun has come out …. so off to the beach to try to find another interesting shell or two.

Leanna Sherrill blue ribbon

Shell Ladies by Leanna Sherrill -blue ribbon