Eileen Rob alphabet cone

I doubt you recognize this APLHABET CONE ….. but I posted a picture of this seashell in February. This is the same gigantic gunked up CONE in my post The Alphabet On A Cone Shell that filled “shelling sistah” Eileen’s hand. Here’s the “before” picture…..

Fist size Alphabet cone

It cleaned up pretty nicely, huh? I joked that this ALPHABET CONE was so big it probably spelled the whole alphabet on it. Did you know sometimes the patterns on them really look like letters?

word on alphabet cone

I have proof that each letter of the alphabet has been found on these shells from a display by Amy and Bill Tripp at this year’s 74th Sanibel Shell Fair and Show. Check out this video from the Shell Fair in March (and then I’ll show you more photos)…….

It is so much fun seeing all those letters! Thank you Amy and Bill for making such a great display for those of us who love, love, love ALPHABET CONES!

Robert and Eileen Sanibel shellers

So after all that, guess who I saw on the beach visiting from PA again! Robert and Eileen…. looking for more CONES.

shell digger

He was so smart by digging around this buried crab trap near Sundial Beach Resort hoping to find another monster shell. There are lots of good shells that roll up and get stuck near any buried objects. He didn’t find a big CONE but he did find TULIPS, MUREXES, OLIVES and CONCHS.

purplish tagelus seashell Eileen

She found this perfect PURPLISH TAGELUS. They aren’t rare for this area but I always think they are a very nice find.

Low tide local shellers

We also ran into long time Sanibel locals Sarah and JB looking for beach treasures. Sarah is showing off a beautiful PAPER FIG she found. 

Sanibel locals Sarah and JB

Sanibel locals Sarah and JB