Young shell collector

Chloe (Iowa)

Chloe did her homework on Sanibel shells and tides to make the best of her shelling experience while she and her family are visiting the island. It paid off because you see what she is holding…… a JUNONIA!!!! It’s such a pretty one.

Chloe Junonia seashell

Chloe's Junonia seashell

Her Dad said, “Chloe had helped to find the lowest tide of the week.  We also got a good tip to be out an hour before the low tide.  At 4am, we only saw one other flashlight beam on the beach.” She found the junonia yesterday somewhere between Pointe Santo and Casa Ybel up at the high tide line.  She says it was full of wet sand, but  just sitting there, dry on top of the shell line. Trust me, it’s not easy being out there in the dark with a flashlight knowing which wrack line to look at…. or the surf line…. or in between the shell lines…. or in the water. You “done” good, girl!

shell collection chloe

Chloe's shell collection

I am so excited for you, Chloe! You deserve that JUNONIA. The early bird really does catch the best shells.

Shell seekers Captiva

Shell seekers on sand bars

The beaches have been very busy this week so you have to be a very early riser like Chloe or you have to stake out your own little territory like these shellers. This was around 9 am this morning at Blind Pass with a tide around +0.8.

Sheller with whelk

Peter (WI)

Peter said he waded most of the way across the channel of Blind Pass to find a few good shells like this LIGHTNING WHELK, ALPHABET CONE, FIGHTING CONCH and BANDED TULIP. I also saw that he had lots of ATLANTIC GIANT COCKLES and CALICO SCALLOP shells in his bag. He had a nice collection of shells for his first time shelling. I have a feeling it won’t be his last.

hand full of shells

A few of Peter's shells

FYI- The parking lots at Blind Pass on the Sanibel and Captiva sides are extremely busy so if you want to shell there, don’t be surprised if the lots are full. Just be patient. There are cars coming and going constantly so just relax for a few minutes and something will open up.