Not tar oil balls

Sea Pork colors

These aren’t tar balls…. or donuts (Clark thought this photo looked like donuts- huh?). This is SEA PORK.

Sea Pork zooids

Sea Pork in the surf

There were lots of them on the beach this afternoon at the lighthouse with many different colors, shapes and thicknesses. I know I’ve shown you these before but I wanted to squash the rumor that I heard on the beach today that the black ones were tar balls. They are not tar balls.

orange sea pork

orange sea pork

The first time I saw SEA PORK, I thought it must be an organ from some kind of fish. Then I picked one up and it felt like a piece of rubber. To see more pictures and to get more info, take a look at more weird SEA PORK by clicking on… ” What’s This Stuff On The Beach?. I’ve got some pictures of some cute mini shells but I’ll have to show you tomorrow- oops! Where did the time go today?

Not tar balls

More weird sea pork