Sanibel Lighthouse by water

We had a real treat tonight! We took a ride on the Fort Myers Princess Cruises cruise boat to watch the sunset over our sweet Sanibel.

Sanibel Lighthouse water

I couldn’t help but take lots of pictures since I don’t get to see her from the water at sunset that often.

Sanibel Lighthouse Pier

This beach in the above photo is where I found the ROSE PETAL TELLINS yesterday…. if you walk to the right about 20 yards.

Sanibel Lighthouse Gulf Sunset

Paradise found.

Rose Tellin Coquina difference

Speaking of those ROSE PETAL TELLINS, yesterday Kelli had asked what the difference was between these shells and COQUINAS. Well here they are together so you can identify the differences yourself. See ? The ROSE TELLINS are a little fatter along with the shape and hinge position. Also, the ROSE PETAL TELLINS can grow to over four times the size of COQUINAS. Here is another view of the insides of both shells….

Rose Tellin Coquina difference

My photograph on yesterday’s post, was a little deceiving because I didn’t shoot the shells flat so you couldn’t see how wide they were. I didn’t have a pink COQUINA handy to show you the inside color but this will show the difference in shapes and lines from the inside view. Now you can see a big difference? Hope this helps!