True Tulip Shells

Color wheel of True Tulip Shells

I still haven’t gotten over our finds from last Thursday on Kice Island- I’m so thrilled! I finally have more photos of our colorful beauties from that awesome day I posted about a few days ago on Day Trip To Marco Island.

Marco Lace Murex aperture

Lace Murex aperture

I’m always overwhelmed by how beautiful a LACE MUREX can be.

Spiney Jewel Box

I’ve never found such a colorful SPINY JEWEL BOX like this before last week and both sides were still together. Gorgeous.

Top Shells

Top Shells

Who knew TOP SHELLS came in so many different colors?

Marco Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars

These were the best of about ten SAND DOLLARS but not all of them made it back in one piece. All three of these TRUE TULIPS (2 to 3 inches) below were found by Super Sheller Clark. The middle one looks like it was made of dark chocolate. The colors are so much deeper and richer in the Marco area!

True Tulips

True Tulips