Rose Murex ID

Rose Murex

This ROSE MUREX is a fabulous shell! We went on a low tide shelling adventure down to Marco and I found two of these shells today and Clark found one as well. I have so many other shells to show you but I’ll start with these and I will continue tomorrow to show you a few more whopper finds. Yep, I said whopper and I’ll tell you right away it wasn’t a JUNONIA but it’s in the really-good-find category.

Rose Murex aperture ID

Rose Murex aperture

This one isn’t even a rosey color, it’s more orange than rose so I was even more thrilled when I found it.

Rose Murex s.aperture

Rose Murex second shell aperture

This was the second ROSE MUREX I found today. Gorgeous.

Rose Murex smaller

Rose Murex second shell

Okay, and one more ROSE MUREX that Clark found …..

Rose Murex blonde aperture

Clark’s Rose Murex aperture

This can’t compare to Charley and Peggy’s two JUNONIAS in one week but this is pretty good to us for one day.

Rose Murex blonde

Clark’s Rose Murex

I hate to keep you hanging to tell you what else we found but I can’t fit them all in for one post. I had to sit and enjoy these beauties first and shellebrate such good treasures. Our Marco shelling adventure will be continued tomorrow so stay tuned!