Day break shell seekers

Extreme early morning low tides means break out the flash lights before day break.

low tide sunrise shell seeker

My buddy Ellen and I were out on the beach and in the cold water by 6:30.

Birds at sunrise

The birds were shellebrating a new day.

Sunrise whelk

And so were we.

Kay's shell bag

I saw Kay on the beach with her shell bags overflowing. She wouldn’t let me take her picture but she wasn’t shy about letting me take a picture of her shell bag. I guess not- Look at that haul!

Ellen with her shell bags

It doesn’t look like Ellen got a lot of goodies….. but she sure did. She found some candy! Little HORSE CONCHS and all sorts of miniatures were all that she had her eyes set on and she found what she wanted.

Ellen's miniature shells

That baby LACE MUREX (top middle) in the photo above is de-gorgeous!

Ellen's minis

She sent this photo to me of even more minis she found.

pastel sunrise

I found a few goodies today but I forgot to take pictures of mine. The sunrise was so magnificent, I couldn’t help but enjoy every part of witnessing such beauty on the beach and hanging out with my good friend. A good day.

Royal Tern sunrise