virtual shelling

Here you go virtual shellers! Have fun identifying so many beautiful shells by clicking on the picture for enlargement to see some of the shells that Sue from Pennsylvania found from shelling the beach off West Gulf Drive.

Sheller Sue

As you can see by Sue’s picture above with the tide coming in there aren’t many shells on the beach now, but last week there were plenty. That’s when she found her ALPHABET CONES, LACES MUREX, FLORIDA CONES and so many of the other goodies you see in the virtual shelling photo. The shells come and they go. She is making a SAILOR’S VALENTINE with some of these shells along with her granddaughter Kaitlyn who found the CABRIT’S MUREX from yesterday’s post. So I’d say they had successful shelling. Good luck with your sailor’s valentine, Sue!

Cardita seashell

There were still a few shell piles here and there so I again started looking more at the shells I normally don’t photograph. Geez. Look at what we’ve been missing! This BROAD-RIBBED CARTIDA is such a beauty with its animal print effect and deep lines. Could you imagine a frame or mirror made mostly of these? It would be stunning, I think.

Slipper Shell

So often we see SLIPPER SHELLS but I never thought they were cute until we moved here and learned they were called “slipper shells”. The name gives them the cute factor because you can see they are in the shape of a slipper by looking at the inside view. Growing up, we called them TOE NAIL SHELLS. Yep- by looking at the outside of the shell, they do resemble a toe nail. EEEW! No wonder I didn’t like them.