Lightning whelk 10 inches

John (Florida)

We had more 15 mph cold winds blowing from the north west all day yesterday. That means shelling at Blind Pass should be pretty good. So that’s why Clark and I headed there this morning at 8 a.m……. which was a little too late to snag this huge LIGHTNING WHELK  John found. He got there at 6 a.m.!

Scotch bonnet

John's Scotch bonnet

Geez…. AND he found a SCOTCH BONNET! This shell is pretty rare to find here so to find a whole one is shellicious. He and his wife come to Sanibel or Captiva to do a little shelling on the weekends from the middle of Florida.

Scotch Bonnet aperture

John's Scotch Bonnet aperture

I always get the warm and fuzzies when I meet someone who reads my blog. Look who else I ran into!

Christine with live horse conch

Christine with live horse conch

It’s Christine Kieffer! She’s one of our shelling sisters who leaves fun comments and adds lots of joy to this blog.

Shellers Christine and Rick

Christine and Rick

Here she is in the picture above with her husband Rick who helped her get that live HORSE CONCH back safely in the water.

Shelling family on Captiva

Julie, Conner, Katie, Brenden and Kevan

Do shelling families get any cuter than this? I hit the jackpot this morning running into my blog friends. Julie is a shelling sister too and brought her whole family out to gather the shell goodies.

Conner's nutmeg

Conner's nutmeg

Right away her son Conner found this huge colorful NUTMEG.

Katie's flat scallop

Katie's flat scallop

Her daughter Katie found one of my faves…. a baby FLAT ZIGZAG SCALLOP.

Shells on Blind Pass beach

Shells on Blind Pass beach

Yep! There’s Joan that I introduced to you 2 weeks ago (on my post As The Seashells Turn) looking for her treasures in that shell pile right next to the jetty. Captiva shellsIt was so much fun to run into so many shelling sisters and shelling brother John (shelling brother just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it. Maybe “sheller bro”… er…. uhhh… nah)…. I’ll just go with” my little shelling family”. So nice to see yall.

Christmas best finds

Our Christmas weekend fave finds

I’m getting waaarrmmer…..

Piece of Junonia

I found this piece of Junonia