Sand Bar Blind Pass Captiva

Today- New sand bar at Blind Pass on Captiva

Captiva Island is changing before my eyes these days in more ways than one. First of all, as I drove over the Blind Pass bridge that connects Sanibel Island to Captiva Island, I was shocked to see a new beach that had just formed on the Captiva side. It was low tide, yes, but this is a big change for any tide. Take a look at the difference from last week…..

Sand bar Dec 6 Captiva

Last week- Sand bar Dec 6 photo by Kaybe

The Essential Beachcomber’s Kaybe took the above picture at low tide on December 6.

Shells on sand bar captiva

Today- Shells on Blind Pass sand bar

Here’s a video of what the scene looked like this morning around 10:30ish. Please excuse my choppy commentary. Now you know why I don’t talk a lot in my videos. LOL

The other big change on Captiva is because of this first ever huge holiday hoopla. As part of the Captiva Holiday Village, Tween Waters Inn hosted a Sunset Aria ….. Opera on the beach this evening!

Sunset Aria on Captiva beach

Sunset Aria Opera singers

Opera on Tween Waters beach

Opera on Tween Waters beach

And after sunset….. Fire Dancers and Beach Drummers!!!

Fire dancers on the beach

Fire dancers on the beach

I’ve finally recovered from last week’s golf cart parade and luminary and saved all those decorations from the iLoveShelling golf cart to dress up our booth for the 1st Annual Marketplace today, tomorrow and Sunday.

i Love Shelling Shellers

With Donna and Cheryl

I met some new shelling sisters! Donna and Cheryl were the first ones to visit our booth at Chadwick’s Square at South Seas Island Resort to get some shelling gear.

Pam Rambo with sheller Val

With Val from New Mexico

Okay, this was so much fun…blog friend Val and her dear friend Dodie (taking pictures) stopped by our booth too! You won’t believe what she made me.

Val's iLS ornament

Val's ornament

She loves to pick up pieces of shells like these bits of TULIPS, LIGHTNING WHELKS and AUGERS to make flowers and leaves for ornaments. I am so deeply touched she chose to hand craft this ornament for me and I will treasure it every day so thank you so much. This is too special to only put on the Christmas tree, this will be hanging in our home all year round.