Shell collection South Seas Captiva

Lee and Bill's best finds (Carrier shell in the middle)

I was thrilled to see a CARRIER SHELL (click for more info) found by blog friend Lee and her husband Bill yesterday at South Seas Island Resort. I just haven’t developed the eye for them since they aren’t really the prettiest of seashells. I take that back, I’ve seen pictures of them in books with wentletraps attached and they are stunning! Their other best finds (pictured) were FLATS, NUTMEGS, TURBANS, WORM SHELLS (wormies), JUVENILE HORSE CONCH (candy!), the CARRIER SHELL (right smack in the middle of all of the other shells), an ALPHABET CONE, a FLORIDA CONE and a SHARK’S EYE.

Carrier shell side seashell

Carrier Shell side view

Lee and Bill found this Carrier Shell around the jetty by Redfish Pass on Captiva.

Carrier shell South Seas Island Resort Florida

Carrier shell tilted

Carrier shell bottom

Carrier shell bottom

Carrier shell Captiva

Carrier Shell side

I just had to show you every angle because I think it is so unusual… and it collects other shells just like we do! I had a wonderful time hanging out with Lee and Bill doing a little shelling and sharing our best shelling adventures with each other. They have been coming to the islands to shell for over 30 years so I was tickled to hear their stories. It was such a pleasure!

Seashell collectors South Seas Resort Captiva

Lee and Bill (Michigan)

Seashells collected Captiva South Seas Resort

Lee and Bill's shell finds

Doesn’t this piece of CORAL below look like a dog… or horse… or maybe a lion. Funny!

Coral shaped like a dog

Bill's coral