Rose and Addison (Glen Burnie, MD)

This is Clark “Kent” mild manner reporter from the Daily Shelling Planet guest blogging for iLoveShelling from the Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island. You’ll have to excuse the quality of my photos since my regular photographer Jimmy Olson aka Pam was up north on another assignment and I was forced to take my own photos.

Rose and Addison from Glen Burnie, MD were visiting for the day from Anna Marie to hopefully see the piles of shells they said they always see in the advertising. While I appoligized and told them that each day brings a different beach they did find a few “keepers”.

Jamie (St Pete, FL)

My professional opinion was the shelling was best on the pier side of the point as you can see from my photo of Jamie with her nice sized whelk, she moved to St Pete from NY a year ago and was visiting with her girl friend.

So long and good night from your “Man of Shell” and guest blogger.

Clark Rambo

Daily Shelling Planet