Shell bag on Sanibel

Joe Anne and Deborah from Brunswick, GA didn’t want me to take their picture on Algier’s Beach (Gulf Side City Park) but didn’t mind showing all of their shell bag treasure. They scored with FIGHTING CONCHS, LIGHTNING WHELKS, CALICO SCALLOPS and MUREXES. They weren’t the only lucky ones. They told me that a couple from a neighbor city in Georgia found a JUNONIA just minutes before we got there.

Carol and James (Waynesville, Ga)

James did find a JUNONIA! It was a broken one but the core was still in tact and it was the first time in 35 years of visiting Sanibel that they’ve found even a piece. I told them about  the necklace that Kathy from Salt Lake made with her similar piece of Junonia in my post  Junonia Necklace .

Kathy's junonia necklace

Last night's Sanibel causeway sunset