Sunset with sailing ship

Saturday night in Key West, Florida was by far the prettiest sunset from Mallory Square I’ve ever seen. The sky changed colors so many times, I couldn’t take photos fast enough.

Key West Sunset with sailboat

Key West sunset with 2 airplanes

KW sunset with deep blue sky

We saw gorgeous sunset photographs in a gallery in Key West on Saturday almost as pretty as the real ones we saw the same day. We were lucky enough to have an inspirational artist’s tour of the Alan Maltz Gallery on Duval street lead by Alan Maltz. My head is still spinning after soaking up the color and richness of his powerful photographs. He has been designated “The Official Wildlife Photographer of Florida” by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida……and my new idol. I’ve learned so much in the past year and it’s given me much pleasure to try to capture a moment on our beaches in a photograph but I now have greater respect for professional photographers like Alan Maltz. He has spent a lifetime perfecting his art. I’m sticking with my little point-n-shoot Panasonic DMC-ZS3 but I’m now armed with a little more knowledge from Florida’s finest.

Alan Maltz photography with shells in Key West

It was Lobsterfest weekend so we chowed on lobster rolls, lobster tails and Sunday morning I had a lobster eggs benedict to die for. There are no seashells washing up on the beaches of Key West but it is called “The Conch Republic” so I thought I might find some seashell photo ops….mmmm not much, but you might enjoy these too.

A shell!

Key West directory assistance

Key West Mermaid in the eave

Key West photo from the ferry