Shark's teeth from Middle Beach

Look at all of these SHARK’S TEETH! No, I didn’t find them on Sanibel. They were given to me as a gift from one of our blog friends, Karen. I can’t believe she gave me these….. I should be the one thanking her! She’s always so nice to write comments and lots of feedback to my posts. So now you can meet Karen and her nieces Casey and Carly too! Here they are….

Casey, Karen and Carly (Englewood)

On Algier’s Beach yesterday, I saw them with lots of shelling paraphernalia so I had to find out what they were finding. They were prepared with a shelling backhoe, buckets, several strainers, nets, bags, baggies and a picnic lunch for a day trip to Sanibel from Englewood. Casey found an amazing HORSE CONCH within only 10 minutes of shelling time.

Casey's Horse Conch

While I was taking pictures of Casey’s horse conch and Carly’s handful of mini shells (she LOVES the minis!) ……

Carly's handful of Miniature shells

Karen left for a few minutes to go to her car and came back with a baggie full of the shark’s teeth and a shark’s teeth screening tool as a gift for me. OMG! So sweet!

Casey, me, Karen and Carly

Karen told me that she found all of those shark’s teeth on Middle Beach near Venice and Englewood (also called Blind Pass Park- not to be confused with Sanibel/Captiva Blind Pass) within an hour to an hour and a half. Wow! We’ve got to get up there for a day trip. I have put my new treasure in a beautiful little bowl ( Tiia, recognize it?) that is the perfect size and color to show them off. Thank you so much Karen! It was a pleasure meeting yall.