Scott, Parker, Mia, Mallory, LouAnn, Nat, Susan and Hans

I got really excited when I pulled into the parking lot at Captiva’s Blind Pass because I saw a crowd doing the “Captiva Crouch” at the shoreline. That means there are shells! So I raced down to find out what they had collected. “I found lots of MUREXES and TULIPS” LouAnn said. “I found FIGHTING CONCHS and a FLORIDA CONE!” from Susan. Hans even liked the DOUBLE KITTEN’S PAWS (everybody really love those) and there were lots of them.

Shelling family doing the "Captiva Crouch"

They were finding some good shells! After talking with them, I realized this whole crowd was together and they were all family. Nice, huh?  Half of them are from Pittsburg and half from Hilton Head. What a fun way to all get together as a family.

Candy at Blind Pass

I found my candy , the juvenile HORSE CONCH so I was a happy girl too. iLoveShelling facebook buddy Kristen said that beach access #7 was a lot of fun yesterday too. She found ANGEL WINGS!