Sand dollars off West Gulf Drive

I was so surprised to find so many SAND DOLLARS on the beach around West Gulf Drive parking lot #7 (sorry, parking stickers only- but you can get there by bike if you aren’t staying nearby). The water was still pretty rough but I guess not rough enough to break all of the sand dollars. We even found a few more after I took this photo. So happy.

Joe (Ohio) with sand dollar

I saw Joe out on a sand bar looking like he was finding some good treasure. I was right….this afternoon he found a perfect ANGEL WING, some FIGHTING CONCHS,  a FLAT SCALLOP, WHELKS and this pretty little sand dollar. Cute, huh?

Flat scallop

Clark has been on fire lately out-shelling me. Look at the color on this FLAT! It’s just perfect.

Fabulous flat scallop

Broken scotch bonnet

Darn! Too bad this SCOTCH BONNET was broken. GRRRR. Well, at least we know they are really out there somewhere. We’ve never found one here but we’re getting closer.

Ibis birds shelling

We ran down to Blind Pass too but didn’t find much. I’ll give Bind Pass another shot tomorrow but I still think this area around Blue Dolphin Inn on West Gulf will be even better tomorrow.