Cece (7), Laura, Mark, Jessie (10), Jake (12) from Cincinnati

I saw Jake snorkeling in the water at the Lighthouse beach, but what caught my eye was a huge smile after he stood up to examine a nice size shell he found. He found a few big COCKLE shells with both sides still together. His two sisters came over to show me SCALLOPS, CLAMS and KITTEN PAWS they found. Jessie found a nice white clam shell with a perfect hole in so she can string it for a necklace. Cece couldn’t wait show her treasures, give them to Jessie to put in her shell bag then jump back into the water for more snorkeling.

Jake's bivalves and Jessie's part of a sand dollar

There were some parts of SAND DOLLARS out on the sand bar but the whole ones were alive and very healthy. Just to find a piece of one keeps you coming back to find a whole white sand dollar…. on another beautiful day.