Tina's 2 1/2 inch scotch bonnet. Photo by Tina

Wow!  Tina, what a beauty!

Tina told me she found this gorgeous SCOTCH BONNET yesterday on the Sanibel side of Bind Pass at 7:15 in the morning. “Very excited! Made my day!” she said in her email. I am sure it made her day- I think it will make her week and month (just like my 12″ WHELK!). I think this might be like finding a JUNONIA. They are pretty rare to find in this perfect condition…and to be 2 1/2 inches big- nice! Which is really wild that somebody else just told me that they have a friend that just found a scotch bonnet. Who was that??? Please let us know (I must be losing it…who was it???). Well anyway, look at the other pictures of this scotch bonnet that Tina took.

Scotch bonnet at Blind Pass. Photo by Tina

Scotch bonnet tails up side. Photo by Tina

Congratulations, Tina! Time to shellebrate!