Kathy's junonia necklace

Kathy from Salt Lake City found a not-so-perfect JUNONIA at Blind Pass but had the oh-so-perfect idea of what she could do with it. Make a necklace! Because it wasn’t perfect, she had uneven edges that she could wrap the wire around so the shell wouldn’t fall out. Don’t you love it? This was her first visit to Fort Myers with her husband Paul and they came to Captiva every day to do some shelling. After finding the junonia on tuesday, by Wednesday she already crafted her necklace and wore it all week. They had great shelling luck all week finding 4 FLORIDA CONES, FLATS, and lots of LIGHTNING WHELKS, and OLIVES.

Kathy and Paul (Salt Lake City)

As I was thinking about all of the times that I threw back a not so perfect beautiful shell that I could have done something cool with, I thought of Saundra who wrote to me and said “Janene, Jaelyn, myself and my daughers Nora, Katie and Erica were walking down from Pointe Santo to West Wind Inn, where we extended our vacation by a couple days.  And low and behold – there it was (a little worse for wear, but a Junonia none the less)”. You are right, Saundra, a junonia none the less but a junonia that would be a perfect necklace too.

Saundra and Jaelyn