Fighting conch at the lighthouse

The water  was brilliant blue and aqua at the lighthouse today and clear as a bell. This live FIGHTING CONCH was over a foot deep but looked like it was barely covered with water. I love days like this! I saw a few OLIVES and MUREXES washing in that were pretty good size so maybe that storm cell that came through on Sunday is bringing in a few of the good size shells instead of the minis (not that there’s anything wrong with minis!).

Dee (Cape Cod)

Dee loves the minis. She’s got a whole hand full of DRILLS, MUREXES and lots of other cuties. She told me that she was visiting friends in Marco who took her out on their boat to the 10,000 Islands where they found CONES, TULIPS and NUTMEGS. Her friends are big shellers that shell every day and have a glass lamp that is half way filled with JUNONIAS. Whoa! That’s a lot of JUNONIAS.

Elise (Lexington, Mass)

We saw a live ORANGE RIDGED STARFISH washed up on the shoreline. Elise had never picked one up so I showed her how to look for the movement of the little legs (no, I’m sure that’s not the technical name) on the underside and feel them “stick” to her hand. This one was alive so she returned it to the water in hopes that it will survive.

Starfish at the lighthouse

I am very excited about seeing several schools of COWNOSE RAYS too! I only got video of them and haven’t gotten to download them yet… hopefully tonight I can share them! I will try to get it up and running for tomorrow by the latest. They were soooo close!