Whelk seashell Captiva Florida

I Found A Big One

This was the best Easter shell hunt I’ve ever had!

OK, Clark and I found it together……but I picked it up first! heehee. Yeah, I’m still a little giddy from all of the excitement. It’s not every day that we find a WHELK that BIG!

We didn’t have a lot of time today for boating since we had to take our boat back to Salty Sam’s Marina in Ft Myers Beach where we keep it in dry storage. So we just did some island hopping    (Easter bunnies!…….. sorry…..still giddy) off Captiva and found this mac daddy WHELK in some shallow waters on one of the out islands. He had some scum on him but it came right off with a little “sand exfoliation”.

12 inch whelk shell

12 inch whelk shell

Foot long whelk

We found some other cool stuff too but I’ve run out of time so I’ll show those pictures tomorrow. I’d just like to savor this for the night.