Our boat on North Captiva

We haven’t been able to go out on our boat in over 3 months since the weather on the weekends has been either too stinkin’ cold, windy or raining…. so yesterday we celebrated a beautiful boating day by going to North Captiva and Cayo Costa. Weeehooo! Finally! And to top it off? We found good shells too!

A worm shell! Yeah!

And a sand dollar!

Gracie (Aka- Pat) with a hand full of wormies, king's crowns, whelks and olives

On North Captiva, we were excited to find a few WORM SHELLS , 3 or 4 KING’S CROWNS and the SAND DOLLAR but it wasn’t enough to keep us there all day. We jumped back in the boat to enjoy our picnic lunch while we cruised north to Cayo Costa. On the way, we saw several pods of dolphin playing very close to the boat ( I missed that photo op! They are just too fast) and 2 bald eagles perched on tree branches on shore (no telephoto lens today- sorry!).

Hundreds of Cockle shells on Cayo Costa and a few Baby's Ears too

Loads of shells in the tree roots on Cayo Costa

Whelks, Olives, Conchs, Murexes, Cockles, Shark's Eyes, King's Crowns and baby Horse Conchs

Everybody finding treasures

My peeps! Clark, Gracie, Ted, and Ellen

By the end of the day, we all had an exceptional time cruising the waters, spotting wildlife, island hopping, and finding lots of seashell treasures to remind us how lucky we were to have this adventure.