New sandbar at Sanibel's Blind Pass looking towards the jetty rocks on the Captiva side

Annie, Katie, Grace, Claire and Maggie

As you can see, this new sandbar on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass is producing some really good shells. Annie, Katie, Grace, Claire and Maggie are new shellers but you wouldn’t know it by those nice big shells they found today. Annie’s holding a nice WHELK and an OLIVE. Katie has a beautiful orange SCALLOP and a FIGHTING CONCH. Grace has an OLIVE and a pretty  FIGHTING CONCH. Look at that huge WHELK Claire found! Maggie is holding a nice PEAR WHELK and a LIGHTENING WHELK. They are visiting Captiva from Columbus, Ohio for the first time with their family. Happy shelling, Girls!

Rhonda, Trish and Mitch (Kentucky)

The Captiva side of Blind Pass is still filling in with more sand but there are still good shells to be found. Rhonda and her sister Trish were “whoop”ing it up every time they found a colorful CALICO SCALLOP or COCKLE in the pile that is up high on the beach. Even Rhonda’s husband Mitch was finding treasures to add to her shell bag.

Look at how deep that sand is now compared to the pictures on March 14th post then March 15 post.