A few specimens of our colorful day at Blind Pass

I just can’t even find the words to explain how much fun the shelling has been the last few days. I think I’ll just post the pictures since I can’t even name all of the shells that were being found at Blind Pass on the Captiva side…..and they are still coming in.

Lucky shellers at Blind Pass

You've got to be quick!

Margaret found a Flat then 15 minutes later an Alphabet Cone

This gives you an idea of the height of the shell mound

Random shot after a wave receded

Jan (Buffalo, NY and her son Peter (Stuart, FL)

Earlier today, Clark and I checked out the beach right of Beach Rd ( locals “A” parking sticker required) since we couldn’t find a parking spot at any of the Lighthouse parking lots. I’m so glad I met Jan and her son Peter since I got some tips on finding a JUNONIA. Peter found a 3 1/2 inch JUNONIA on friday morning at 4:30 in the morning at low tide. He says that he uses a halogen flashlight because the shells show up so much better.  Jan has been shelling for 40 years on Sanibel and has never found a JUNONIA so she was very excited for him. Congrats, Peter!

PS and FYI- Please remember that you can not have any lights on the beach when we are in turtle season May through September. Please respect the turtles!