Blind Pass Shelling Frenzy

It’s crazy at Blind Pass! If you were quick, you could snatch OLIVES, WHELKS, CONCHS, MUREXES and on and on…..just about everything! I’m just going to show you pictures of this afternoon first….then I’ve got some other surprises.

I found these the first 2 minutes I was there! No kidding!

Snaggin' the good ones before the waves crash

A Horsie Conch just washed up!

I found 2 Horsie Conchs and a Flat within 10 minutes of getting there!

When we got home this evening after dinner and a movie with friends, I opened my computer to download the pictures from today when I got a new email (at 9:16 pm) from my good friend Ellen that said Nighttime blind pass angel wing. Whoa! She had her head lamp on and was at Blind Pass with her sister-in-law Deb shelling away!

Ellen's nighttime Angel Wing

I can’t believe that an ANGEL WING survived in that rough surf there….but wait..there’s more. At 9:19pm I got another email. WOW! Check it out!

Ellen's fantastic Horse Conch

I immediately showed Clark the picture. He changed clothes and said “I’ve got to go”. Twenty minutes later, we were right beside Ellen and Deb with flashlights in hand laughing like school kids.

We threw back this nice size Whelk

Deb's angel wing, king's crown, olives, whelks, nutmeg and murex

Ellen's angel wing, nice horse conch, tulips, fig, flat, whelks, conchs and worm shell in her shell bag

We found an ANGEL WING too and I got a nice ALPHABET CONE. If you are on Sanibel, get to the beach tomorrow- it’s still going to be good! We will be there bright and early (and I’m so not a morning person but for this, I think I can be persuaded).