The weather has caught up with me and I’ve been stuck in bed and on the couch with a terrible cold. uuugh. These are my pictures from yesterday that I didn’t even have the energy to post but I can’t imagine that all of this has disappeared in a day.

Tons of beautiful driftwood

Beach medley

The beach off Fulgur Street

Pat (Kittery, Maine)

Pat is a University of New Hampshire marine docent and also an artist. The first thing she said to me was “This is like Christmas day”. She had collected lots of that incredible DRIFTWOOD, SEA WHIPS, STARFISH and a bag filled with different shells to make sculptures when she gets home. She just arrived on Sanibel the day before so the vacation has already started with a big smile.

ps- It must have been my bad cold……I’m so sorry I took a picture with her eyes closed!