The 73rd Annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show….Here are some more winners!

David Rhyne's Sailor's Valentine won Best Single Sailor's Valentine- Professional

Close-up of David Rhyne's Sailor's Valentine

Looking at this work of art made my heart skip a beat. That’s why David Rhyne also won the Captain Tom Clifford Memorial Trophy which is Best in Show- Professional. In 2007, he was invited to Martha Stewart’s studio to show one of his double Sailor’s Valentines. Check out this Martha Stewart video featuring David and the 70th Annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show.

Best Novice Exhibit won by Carolyn Johnson

Close-up of novice Carolyn Johnson's Sailor's Valentine

Can you believe this is Carolyn’s first Sailor’s Valentine and first showing? Amazing.

Blue Ribbon for Lucy Ann Read - Miniature Flower Arrangement max- 3"x3"x3"

……and if this isn’t enough…..the shelling is fantastic on the Captiva side of Blind Pass!

Alex (Colorado)

There’s a huge new shell pile! Alex and his dad were finding MUREXES, WHELKS, BANDED TULIPS and nice HORSE CONCHS in the crevices of the left side of the jetty rocks. On the beach side, there were shellers filling up their shell buckets and bags with nice OLIVES, CONCHS and finding great shells just like Alex. Of course, I started looking at some of the CLAMS, SCALLOPS and TURBANS a little differently since the Shell Fair artists find so many creative ways to use them in their artwork….like I need another “project” right now.

Richard and Edith (Nantucket)

Clark stopped by the Lighthouse to see if the wind change had taken the shells away from the east end. He found a couple of baby FLORIDA CONES and saw that Richard and Edith had found a few SCALLOPS and other smaller shells but not like earlier this week. They asked Clark about another spot so he sent them on up to Blind Pass. I hope they headed straight there to scoop up some of those WHELKS.

I’ll be back to the Shell Fair tomorrow for more pictures of the Scientific Exhibits.