A Tulip eating a King's Crown

On the out islands of Captiva, Clark found this huge live TULIP hanging so far out of it’s shell eating a live KING’S CROWN. You can see the powerfully pink inside of this mollusk sucking that KING’S CROWN right out of his shell. Amazing and so cool to see!  Most everything we found today (except some WORM SHELLS and a few LIGHTENING WHELKS) was alive, very healthy and eating good meals so, to us, it’s a great sign.

Clark’s sister Jan was here visiting from her log cabin in Montana with her boyfriend Jack. Jack couldn’t imagine why we wanted to go “shelling”….  but after he saw Clark pull that hungry TULIP  out of the water he kinda started to get it. Jan told him that shelling is something that she remembers doing with the family as far back as she can remember on the shores of New Jersey.

Jack and Jan (Montana) with Clark

A live King's Crown in shallow water

It’s worth mentioning again (November 27th post) about HORSESHOE CRABS. They are one of the few species that are older than dinosaurs. It’s amazing they are still alive and well living in our waters. We’ve seen them breeding before but I didn’t have my camera…..I’ll have a picture one day….I’m hoping!

A dried out baby Horseshoe Crab

Jack and Jan with Clark and the White Pelicans in the background