Nancy (Madison, WI)

Nancy (Madison, WI) with a Fighting Conch

Lots going on getting ready for Christmas and company coming in a couple of days so I didn’t get to post this yesterday- sorry charlie.

The Blind Pass pile is growing! I didn’t see lots of ┬áTULIPS but there a still lots of cute shells just ready to be picked. Within five minutes of looking yesterday, I found the sweetest little candy corn (bright orange HORSIE CONCH) and I gave Nancy a few WHELKS that were just laying on top. No, I didn’t give her my little candy corn (sorry, Nancy)…they’re one of my favorites! She was doing just fine on her own too.

I didn’t make it to the beach today…since my a/c went out and it’s hot, hot, hot today. It says only 82 degrees but it feels much hotter (maybe I’m a little stressed?). So now I wait for the A/C guy. ugh.