Sister Shellers' Bounty

I’m so excited that Marie and Polly emailed me this picture of what they found their shelling day at Blind Pass that I posted on my November 12 blog post.

Wow! Look at everything they found………   and so colorful!  I see tons of pretty purple and orange CALICO SCALLOPS, WHELKS of all sizes- some huge!, FIGHTING CONCHS, COCKLES, BANDED TULIPS, TRUE TULIP, MUREXES, LACE MUREX, WORM SHELLS (love ‘em!), LETTERED OLIVES, a MOONSNAIL, CALICO CLAMS, a HORSE CONCH, and some JINGLES. They said they had such a great time and wished they could have come back the next day.

Blind Pass shells at sunset

The shell mound is still there but the sand is filling in so the beach is almost to the end of the jetty. This picture is at sunset tonight. The mound has been really picked over for the bigger shells but if you still want CALICOS and other SCALLOPS, CLAMS or shell crafting shells you are still in luck.