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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Southwest Florida Thanksgiving Day Parade Of Shells

Posted by on Nov 28, 2013 in Beach Holiday, Captiva's Blind Pass shell mound, Cyber Shelling, CyberShelling, Thanksgiving | 20 comments

Thankful for shelling in Southwest Florida

We found a buffet of seashells at Blind Pass Captiva this morning for our Thanksgiving feast! I’d like to invite you to join us at our shell feast with some Thanksgiving Day CYBERSHELLING! If you like to stay dry doing the Sit ‘N Sift, here’s a shot of the shells on top of one of the piles. It’s completely random so I’m really not sure of whats in here so I hope you find something you like!

cybershelling thanksgiving 2013 captiva

I snapped this next photo just before the waves came crashing down on the shells that just washed up. I only had a split second to scan it but you can take all the time you want. Ready to get your toes wet? Gobble ’em up!

cybershelling in waves captiva

We hope you are enjoying your day with friends and family or having a great time relaxing with the TV marathons or doing whatever gives you peace and thankfulness. Want more beach time? I’ve got so many more photos to show you from today’s shell cornucopia (Shellucopia) that will have to wait another day but for now…

Join me on a Shelling Adventure!…

shelling adventures trips by pam

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Captiva’s New Shelling Spot

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Bittersweet Clam, Captiva's Blind Pass shell mound, Fighting Conch, Giant Bittersweet, Horse Conch | 22 comments

conch shells captiva

We usually see beautiful seashells rolling on to the beach next to the jetty rocks on Captiva at Blind Pass but the best shelling spot has now moved down the beach. I walked the shoreline from the jetty to find Eldon wading through the water with a hand full of seashells. He said he was only snorkeling for 5 minutes to find all of the empty gorgeous FIGHTING CONCHS pictured above. Here is Eldon with Ronda and his darling son Micah…

Ronda Eldon baby Micah family shelling

As I walked further down the beach into Captiva, I overheard Stacey telling her daughter Gracie that she just missed a good shell in one of the waves that washed in. She said ” This is just like shopping at HomeGoods! If you see something you want, you better snag it up right away because it won’t be there in another second.” LOL It’s so true! Here’s Gracie and Stacey showing off some of their shells that didn’t get away.

Gracie, Stacey Family shelling captiva

 Jennifer and Cindy were thrilled to wade in the clear shallow water to find LIGHTNING WHELKS and lots of CONCHS.

jennifer, cindy captiva  shellers

The CONCHS are so beautiful!

Fighting conch seashell captiva

I was thrilled to find candy! A HORSE CONCH and a BITTERSWEET were my fave finds.

horse conch bittersweet shells

I took a short video to show you where this new spot is and how far it is from the jetty rocks at Blind Pass Captiva on this beautiful beach.

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Seashells Sighting While Fish Are Biting

Posted by on Mar 10, 2012 in Atlantic Wing Oyster, Bittersweet Clam, Captiva's Blind Pass shell mound, Flat Zigzag Scallop, Giant Bittersweet, Oyster | 22 comments

fish biting seashells sighting

So Exciting! When I arrived at Blind Pass Captiva yesterday morning, I saw that guy catch a fish while everybody else was wallowing in the joy of the big shell pile. Happiness.

shelling captiva florida

Chris (Calgary, Canada) found this very big WENTLETRAP right there! I was thinking the same thing as you are right now….. a WENTLETRAP at Blind Pass? I don’t see many people find them right there so that was a really good find in my book.

chris calgary ca wentletrap captiva

His daughter Kyla found a piece of JUNONIA. Any piece is a good piece!

kyla junonia captiva

My friends Courtney and Eileen (Sanibel) were having a blast soaking in this gorgeous day with the bonus of a huge shell pile…

courtney eileen captiva seashells

Eileen found this very colorful FLAT SCALLOP … but hold on… I know you will notice that tattoo just like I did so I’ll tell you what it “says”. It’s her mother’s signature. Is she cool, or what? She is definitely a piece of art work!

flat scallop eileen captiva florida

Courtney found my favorite shell of the day.

courney oyster

I hope yall dont think I’m crazy but it’s an awesome ATLANTIC WING OYSTER with both sides still attached.

atlantic wing oyster

Look at the inside of this shell…it’s like opening up a beautiful pearl!

atlantic wing oyster inside

I found lots of The Sanibel Six shells but only one ALPHABET CONE. It has this crazy pointy hat on top! I know it’s old and worn but I still really like it.

alphabet cone pointy tip apex

Barbara was doing an excellent job of the Sit ‘n Sift filling up her kitchen strainer. So smart! One less step when she gets home to clean them. ;)

Barbara shell pile captiva florida

There were lots of CHESTNUT TURBANS mixed in with WHELKS and FIGHTING CONCHS…

assorted seashells captiva florida


bittersweet clam shell captiva florida


coral branch on beach captiva

I think there was only about 5 shellers when I got the “mound” but within an hour, it was a ShellFest!

seashells blind pass captiva florida

I’ve got several videos so I here’s the first one. Happy Weekend!

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This Conch’s For You

Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in Blind Pass, Captiva's Blind Pass shell mound, Gulf Side City Beach (Algier's), Sanibel | 13 comments

Gulf Side City Park Sanibel

Gulf Side City Park Sanibel

I wish I had a little more time to beachcomb through all of those PEN SHELLS in this really wide shell wrack at Gulf side City Park beach but I only had a few minutes. If you are in the area, I would definitely suggest hitting this beach in the next few days. Looks like a ton of good shells!

Gulf Side City Park shells

Gulf Side City Park shells

I did have time to mingle with this wonderful family of shellers and found out that our blog buddy Melissa Ruiz (she is a frequent commenter!) was among them. It was so nice to meet all of them!

Shelling family Ruiz

Pam, Luna, Ruben, Melissa and Emily

This afternoon Clark and I headed to Blind Pass since we are getting 10 mph and up north winds. This is what we found….. Sit ‘N Sifters!

Seashell Sit N Sifters

Seashell Sit N Sifters

Sifting for seashells

Sifting for seashells

This is one of my favorite things to do, join in on a shelling Sit ‘N Sifter group. Everybody digs and digs, then all the sudden someone shouts out the name of their latest find “Ooooo, an OLIVE!”. That’s how we met this next shelling family. After sifting around and sharing shells, we learned that Trey and Bill won this trip to Sanibel from working at Budweiser. I asked the logical question of “What’d you do to win the trip?”. Trey answered with the more logical answer….. “We sold a heck of a lot of beer.”

South Carolina Shelling family

Misti, Trey, Wendy and Bill (Aiken, South Carolina)

You’ll see in the video that the sand bar is barely showing now in the pass because A) it was high tide and B) the sand has shifted and flattened out a bit. The sand looks like it has shifted more towards the Sanibel side but not in high mounds.

Since there the shells weren’t coming in with the waves (yet), Clark even plopped down and sifted with us. Here’s a short video of This Bud’s….. I mean…Conch’s For You…

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On Top Of Shell Mountain Video

Posted by on Dec 2, 2010 in Blind Pass, Captiva, Captiva's Blind Pass shell mound, Flat Zigzag Scallop, Lace Murex, Scallop | 25 comments

On Top of Shell Mountain

On Top of Shell Mountain

The shells are still rolling in on Captiva at Blind Pass!

Lace Murex on shell pile

Lace Murex on shell pile

The shells are beauties. This little LACE MUREX was just perfect.

Seashell beach on Captiva Island, Florida

Seashell beach on Captiva Island, Florida

I didn’t have long to hang out on the beach but it was enough time to see that we might be able to enjoy this shell mound for weeks digging through every inch.

Blogger Maria from Endless Sunner

Blogger Maria from Endless Sunner

I was tickled to meet seaglass jewelry artist / blogger Maria from Endless Sunner. She was snatching up WHELKS, TULIPS and CONCHS. Hmmmm. I wonder if we’ll see some of her found shells in her jewelry pieces soon. I bet we do!

seashells gulf waters Captiva

seashells gulf waters Captiva

Shelling for horse conchs

Shelling for horse conchs

This guy (I didn’t even get his name! Sorry Dude, I was too overwhelmed) is holding a bright orange HORSE CONCH he just picked up. This is only one of five horsies that he found along with several CONES (ALPHABET and FLORIDA). I found two horsies too.

Shell lines with water

Shell lines with water

Shells water jetty

Shells water jetty

Junonia seashell part

Junonia seashell part

Awwww. Only a piece of a JUNONIA. I heard that someone found TWO yesterday.

Seashells line the beach

Seashells line the beach

You get a better idea of what this shell mound piling up looks like on this video. I didn’t do any fancy editing or music… it’s raw excitement of seeing so many shells. I almost dropped the camera going after this ZIGZAG FLAT SCALLOP . Hope you enjoy, wish you were here!

PS- I’m so looking forward to the golf cart parade and luminary this weekend! I’m still working on my “float”. If you haven’t heard what going on this weekend, CLICK HERE or the picture below.Captiva Holiday Village

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