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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

GiveAway! From YOLO Watersports Captiva

Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Captiva, Giveaway, Shell Scoops, YOLO Captiva, YOLO Watersports Captiva | 527 comments

yolo captiva store

Hey all you shellers and beach lovers…. Let’s shellebrate!

We are GIVING AWAY a $100 YOLO gift card!

YOLO Logo small

Enter to win this YOLO Watersports $100 gift card (Yes. I said ONE HUNDRED dollar gift card!) for any of your shelling needs from this awesome surf shop on Andy Rosse Lane in Captiva! If you win, you could use the gift card to get a new shelling backhoe! And mask and snorkel! And a shell bucket and mesh bag! And waterproof bag!

shelling merchandise

The whole store is filled with cool stuff for the beach! Like flip flops…

rainbow flip flops yolo captiva

And for those crazy shelling days at Blind Pass when the shells are stacked up 4 feet high… you need Water Shoes.

water shoes yolo captiva

Hold on to your conchs, yall! Wanna know what else you could use this gift card for???  In pure island style, rent this oh-so-hot little red SCOOT COUP … modeled by owners Marcel and Betsy. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

yolo scoot coup rental

Or check out Captiva Village in a GOLF CART

golf cart captiva yolo

YOLO also has all of the fun water sport activities to use your gift card towards… like PARASAILING!

yolo parasail kelly


josh sims waverunner yolo


Hobie Sailboat yolo

You can even try out the hottest new craze… STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS like Sanibel’s own top model Kelsie Macray.

kelsie paddle board yolo

So how can you WIN this $100 gift card from YOLO on Captiva Island?

Just make a comment (GiveAway is over and comments are now closed) on THIS post any time from Saturday Sept 22 through Sunday Sept 30 to enter to win. It’s easy! You don’t have to write a lot. Just say you want to be included in the drawing or how you would use the gift card. It’ll be fun! Only one comment per person will be entered in the drawing (ahem… that means if you comment twice, only one comment will be entered;))

The contest is only a week long so hurry up and tell your friends and family to enter as well because it starts TODAY and runs through Sunday September 30, 2012.

If you don’t know how to make a comment- Click on the Title of this post (GiveAway! From YOLO Watersports Captiva) and scroll to the bottom then follow directions. Or you can click on the number in parenthesis (for example (1) or (0) ) under the post title after it says “By pam – Comments”.

inside yolo

I just showed you a few cool things YOLO has to offer. Check out more by…
Stopping in to see them at 11534 Andy Rosse Ln. Captiva, FL  (MAP)
or visit them on…

yolo capitva interior

GOOD LUCK, y’all!

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The Seashell Viewing Box

Posted by on Apr 1, 2012 in Blind Pass, Captiva, Shell Scoops | 26 comments

rob viewing box

Most shellers get really creative after they find lots of shells by making seashell encrusted frames, wreaths, jewelry and such. Not Rob. He got very creative before he headed out to his favorite shelling hole at Blind Pass to find his seashell treasures. He fixed up this old box with a plexiglass bottom to float along the top of the water so he can have a better view of the sea bottom. Voila! The Viewing Box….

seashell viewing box

It’s like having a big snorkelers’s mask on without getting your face wet….or having a mini glass bottom boat. And no need for a shell bag! He has a leash tied on his wrist that is attached to the box so a wave doesn’t take it away and so he can have  hands free shelling while he tosses his treasures in the box. It’s even got a handle on the side so he can pick it up like a briefcase without anything falling out. Genius!  Just another day at work for Rob picking up shells at Blind Pass. Ha!

viewing box close

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My Family Visits The Island

Posted by on Apr 18, 2011 in Alternate Tellin, Blind Pass, Bubble shell, Button, Cockle, Cowrie, Deer Cowrie, Junonia, Sanibel, Scotch Bonnet, Shell Scoops, Sunray Venus, Tellin, Wentletrap | 20 comments

finding seashells

It couldn’t have been a more perfect weekend. The sun was shining, temps in the 80s, low humidity, shells in the surf….. and the very best part….. my family came to visit!!!

my family shelling

Greg and Tee!

My brother and I grew up spending our summers on the beach at Sandbridge in Virginia Beach and vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The beach is in our blood so it’s a good thing we both found spouses that have that sand running through their blood too. My sister-in-law (the best a sister could ask for!) is all about the beach too so the first thing after the whole gang got here …..  we hit the beach.

Sanibel squat

Becky finding minis

Our friend Becky (and part of the family) was the first one to find out how glorious the miniature shell finds can be.

seashells handful

She found oodles of WENTLETRAPS, BUTTONS and BUBBLES scattered all along the Lighthouse beach on Saturday.

My Men shelling

Clark and Greg in the shelling zone scooping up the mini shells.

miniature seashell pile virtual shelling

This was exactly how one pile from their scooper looked after Clark or Greg dumped it on the beach for us to sift through. Go ahead, click on the photo above for some virtual shelling! How many WENTLETRAPS did you find?

I see seashells

My cutie niece Kelly spying some seashells too. I miss her already.

Virtual miniature shelling

This was a mixed bag of minis after getting rinsed at home . Click on that photo too- you’ll love this virtual shelling too!

seashells sailboats

On Sunday we started the day on the Captiva side at Blind Pass and Becky was thrilled with sittin’ and siftin’ in the shell pile by the jetty.

Junonia inside

Looky what I found! Dang! It’s not a whole JUNONIA but I’ll take it. This was good but it wasn’t even the best “part” of a shell found. Look what Clark found…..

Deer Cowrie piece

A piece of a DEER COWRIE! This seashell isn’t even native to our area but last week I showed another piece that Donnie found on my post last week and a whole one February 15.

Blind Pass seashells

We walked over the bridge to the Sanibel side of Blind Pass and saw lots of new shells washing up. I can’t believe what Clark plucked out of the water near the pilings of the bridge….

Scotch bonnet under bridge

A SCOTCH BONNET! The man is a Super Sheller!

cracked scotch bonnet

Okay, it was cracked on the other side ….but still! Since I found part of a JUNONIA too, all we needed to complete the Elite Three was to find a LION”S PAW. Would the DEER COWRIE count? ;)

Alternate tellin

He also found this ALTERNATE TELLIN and …

Sunray venus BP

This beautiful SUNRAY VENUS.

Two scoops of seashells

Greg tried two scoops of seashells to better his chances. LOL

Sanibel squatter

Tee’s in the shelling zone too.

mom daughter Captiva beach

Becky and her daughter (and Kelly’s best friend) Maddy.  Do they still say “BFF”…or was so last year?

Sanibel seashells

There were plenty of COCKLES, FIGHTING CONCHS, WHELKS, MUREXES and DOSINIAS along with so many other shells to take home with them. Shelling Success for the family!

Sanibel Biking

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Seashell Sifter GiveAway!

Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in Seashell Sifter Scoop, Shell Scoops | 179 comments

Susick Sea Shell Sifter Scoop

Susick Sea Shell Sifter Scoop

I can’t believe it…. I started blogging about my shelling adventures just ONE year ago!!  It has changed my life to be able to share this magical treasure hunt with you and to see your comments after every post. To thank you for all of your kind words, encouragement, tips and corrections (it’s such a learning experience!), we are having a GIVE AWAY!!! UPDATE: sorry this giveaway is over.

After my SHELLING VIDEO this week, so many of you wanted to know about Clark’s new blue shelling scoop. Well, it’s called the SUSICK SEA SHELL SIFTER SCOOP. As most of you know, Clark (Super Sheller!) looooves his shelling tools and we have named his humongo shelling scoop the “shelling backhoe”. But lately the backhoe has been too big and cumbersome and the shell nets just weren’t cutting it. So he tried this new Seashell Sifter and …it works! He LIKES it! I even like it and I’m not a shelling tool kinda girl.



Susick Seashell Sifter

Susick Seashell Sifter

So to celebrate’s anniversary, we are giving away a new Susick Sea Shell Sifter!

Prize Details:      UPDATE: 10-24-10 GiveAway is NOW OVER- click here for winner

  • One Susick Sea Shell Sifter Scoop( click for dimensions)
  • 10 x 10 Mesh treasure bag
  • Free U.S. Shipping and handling
  • Valued at $19.99
  • Contest starts now until October 23rd-
  • Just make a comment on this post to enter to win.

It’s easy! You don’t have to write a lot. If you want to enter? Just say you want one. Just let me know that you want to be included in the drawing.

If you don’t know how to make a comment- Click on the Title of this post (Seashell Sifter GiveAway!) and scroll to the bottom then follow directions. Or you can click on the number in parenthesis (for example (1) or (0) ) after where it says “By pam – Comments” under the post title.

Seashell sifter scoop

Clark shelling with his new scoop.

Good Luck and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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