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I Spy Seashells And Beach Bling

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sw florida miniatures seashells

Looking at this top picture you will see most of the shells I found last evening at Fort Myers’ Bunche Beach. Can you identify most of them? While you try to figure out each of the shells… Wanna go on a little CYBER SHELLING hunt for shells with me? All righty then let’s play a little “I Spy”! Don’t mind the “dirty” bling (a mix of peat and other good stuff that gives food to so many living organisms)… just look for some of those sweet little minis that we all love by clicking on the next image to enlarge…

cyber shelling miniatures Bunche Beach Ft Myers

This will give you an idea of how “big” those little gems are by looking at my handful of sweet somethings…

handful of small shells fort myers florida

As much fun as it was collecting minis, I was tickled pink when Clark showed me his fave find… A ROSEATE SPOONBILL FEATHER.

roseate spoonbill feather bunche beach FL

We didn’t see any ROSEATE SPOONBILL birds but we did see immature WHITE IBIS birds. Ibis juveniles are mostly brown but these guys have started molting out of their plumage becoming adults.

juvenile ibis bunche beach fort myers florida

Here are four immature WHITE IBISES hanging out with a SNOWY EGRET and a BLUE HERON.

birds of Sanibel Fort myers sw Florida

It was a bird lovers paradise last night. I even saw the dance of the REDDISH EGRET…

reddish egret bunche beach fort myers

Before it got dark, we stopped at Sanibel Lighthouse Beach just in time to catch a beautiful RAINBOW…

rainbow over sanibel water shellers

Samuel, Sheila, Gene, Freida (Cape Coral, FL) and their family in the photo above must have hit the pot of gold under the rainbow. They found all of these in the water…

sea shells lighthouse beach sanibel florida

I found another pot of gold under the rainbow when I met Bill, Jody, Brooke, Brandon, Laura Beth and Gramma Kaye. A golden family of shellers from Alabama.

family Sanibel Island beach with rainbow

 Okay, did y’all identify most of the shells in the top picture? Errrr….I have to confess, once I got going on my own I.D.s (and put my reader glasses on), I realized that some of these shells weren’t as obvious as I thought. There were a few that I had to look up… like the PAPER BUBBLE and TURRET. I failed my own test! hahaha I hope you do better than I did! I know the photo doesn’t show both sides of the shell, but if you know what #8 is by looking at this photo or you have a better idea if I misidentified anything, please let me know. Whoops! How embarrassing! LOL (blush, blush)

1.   Bruised Nassa
2.   Paper Bubble – an AMBER GLASSY BUBBLE
3.   Marginella
4.   Rice Olive
5.   Florida Lyonsia
6.   Wentletrap
7.   Mortons Egg Cockle
8.   Ummm. Why did I put that in there? I have no idea what it is. LOL Best guess?
9.   Dark Cerith
10. Pitted Murex
11. Turret
12. Oh geez- I’m just going with baby whelk so cute!
13. Sparse Dove
14. Rose Petal Tellin
15. Antilles Glassy Bubble
16.  Fish Vertebra
17. West Indian False Cerith
18. Mangrove Periwinkle

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Bunches of Minis at Bunche Beach

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Bunch Beach Fort Myers Florida

In Fort Myers a mile or so before you get to the Sanibel causeway bridge, you’ll see a sign on your left for Bunche Beach. Clark and I were running a little early (very unusual) to meet some friends so we decided kill a few minutes and check out the beach. I think it’s only the second time we’ve ever stopped at Bunche Beach.

sand sculpture bunche beach

We knew it was low tide but had no idea it would be this cool.

moon walk on the horizon

It felt like we were on the moon.

low tide bunche beach fort myers florida

The crazy FIDDLER CRABS were out in the masses here too. If you missed my video of their madness, CLICK HERE.

fiddler crab fight bunche beach fort myers sanibel

fiddler crabs bunche beach florida

And lots of minis!

seashells at Bunche beach Florida

At first, I thought there were oodles of AUGERS but noticed the lip was a little fat… they are LADDER HORN SNAILS.

ladder horn snails

You can see it a little better in this next photo. Cute, huh?

ladder horn snail

And there were mounds of MELAMPUS.

Melampus seashells

Melampus seashell both

These little NASSA shells are so bright yellow and tiny, I wasn’t sure if they are the BRUISED NASSAor not. I think they may be juveniles.

Yellow Nassa

Nassa seashell

Last but not least, I found three MARGINELLAS.

Marginella seashells

 We had so much fun exploring Bunche Beach, I think we’ll make this a regular stop when we go off island.

Clark on the horizon beach


A Golden Day Boating Around Marco

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john and the dingy

Our friends John and Jane strapped a Zodiac dinghy to the top of their car on Saturday and invited us to join them for a boating adventure down to Marco Island. Yes! We are always ready for a shelling expedition.

The whole day was golden…

Jane shelling marco

Literally! Both John and Clark found GOLDEN OLIVES!

Golden Olive Marco

Golden Olive aperture

When we all got back to the boat, everybody was showing off their best finds and both guys held out their hands holding the GOLDEN OLIVES…

two golden olive seashells

Look at this huuujah ANGEL WING Clark found. It fills my whole hand…

Angel wing huge

This was the first ALPHABET CONE John found for the day.

John alphabet cone marco

These are Jane’s FLORIDA CONES. These are pretty golden too!

florida cones marco jane

Here are the rest of her best finds. Yes! She found a JUNONIA! It’s broken on one side but it’s still a JUNONIA and it might be a good candidate for making a necklace. Congrats Jane!

Janes finds

We boated over to another island (Kice) where I was taking a photo of a nice 10 inch old crusty HORSE CONCH I found on the low tide sand bar…

crusty conch shell marco

I heard Clark yell and start waving his arms. Oh no, he di-ant! Another one? He couldn’t have found another you-know-what. I looked to see how far away he was since I was way out on the sand bar. See that little speck? That’s how far he was from me.

Clark on the beach Marco

Okay, might want to avert your eyes if you’ve had a bad day or just can’t stand the thought of Clark finding yet another J….. uh…. I can’t even say it. To show me where he found it, he had it sitting right where it was when he walked up. Here… see for yourself.

junonia on th shore marco

Really? How come I didn’t look there first? The man is a shell magnet. Here is a close up of his nearly perfect JUNONIA (just the tip is missing). I want to find one! Not that I’m jealous…. oh, geez. Of course I’m jealous! Oh I’m happy for Jane and “him” too…. I guess. ;) It even has a golden color to it too!

junonia close up

You know I’m just kidding about being upset I didn’t find the big J. How could I when I found so many beautiful shells on such an awesome day? Here are some of our other golden treasures…like candy!

horsie conchs in angel wing


Top Shells Marco


Bruised Nassa seashells


Tampa Turrids


False Angel Wings


Dusky Cones Marco

and even a cool BRYOZOAN COLONY…

Tubular Horn Bryozoan Ectoprocta

It took us less than 1  1/2 hours drive time to get to our island hopping adventure in Marco aboard “our” little dinghy. Here’s the happy crew…

Marco dingy crew


PS-  I popped off some of those crusty barnacles to uncover the shell of that HORSE CONCH I found out the sand bar. It’s beautiful! I found a home for it on my outside steps as a happy welcome to our Shell Shack.

10 inch fighting conch on step




Negative Low Tides, Positive Winners!

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Girl with Sanibel shells

Caroline (St Augustine) was positively a winner with a bucket full of seashells at Sanibel’s Blind Pass. With a negative low tide, you can walk out so far on the sand bar right now to find lots of  FIGHTING CONCH, WHELKS, OLIVES….. basically, all of the SANIBEL SIX. Her mom, Jill, knew she found unusual shell so asked me to identify it. It’s a tiny little STRIATE NASSA!

Striate Nassa

Mike from L.A. (Lehigh Acres, FL ;)) was so happy to fill a whole bag on his first day ever shelling.

Seashells Mike

He even found three SAND DOLLARS!

Mike's shells in a bag

I take that back, I didn’t see the complete Sanibel Six because I didn’t see anybody with a CONE (that’s okay- the little orange”candy” takes up for it) but here a few of my finds.

Sanibel seashells in cockle

Here’s a short video of what the sand bar looked like at low tide on Sunday afternoon. This evening is another negative low tide of -0.5 at 6:24 pm. Should be good!

YouTube Preview Image

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Shelling Here and There

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Nassa (White Nassa)

Nassa (Bruised Nassa)

I’ve been so obsessed with the Sanibel’s Middle Gulf Rd beaches and Captiva lately, that I’ve neglected my old time fave beach… the Lighthouse. Thats’s where I found this mini half inch beauty the BRUISED NASSA. I updated this a few hours after I wrote this original post in which I misidentified this shell as a WHITE NASSA. Thank you to Bird and MurexKen for your keen eyes!

White Nassa aperture

Bruised Nassa aperture

I also found shelling sistah and blogger Kaybe from The Essential Beachcomber (click on that link to see her “You might be a shell addict if you…”) finding WENTLETRAPS and BABY’S EARS.

Beachcomber Kaybe

Beachcomber Kaybe (Englewood, FL)

Kaybe’s minis….

Kaybe's mini shells

And I found more beach art. Another mermaid! This is for you Anna N…

Mermaid beach art

I did take a couple of photos of Captiva’s Blind Pass on Monday and the beach and sand bar, of course, have changed. Not many shells on the left side of the jetty but the right side of the jetty had a little pile building.

Blind Pass sandbar Jan 3

Sand bar beach left side of jetty

This next picture shows a little pile of shells that was building up and look who was there working the pile …. Teresa from my January 2 post. She had found a couple of FLATS and a CONE. Look at that fog!

Blind Pass beach Captiva Jan3

Right side of jetty on Captiva

The picture of the day that made me smile from ear to ear for probably an hour after I saw it on the iLoveShelling FaceBook page….Thank you Mary Ann!!! You made me speechless.

i Love Shelling tee shirt shells


Small Treats at the Lighthouse

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Smaller shells at the Lighthouse

Clark went out this morning at 7am to see if low tide brought anything unusual to the Lighthouse beach. There weren’t any bigger shells so he refocused his eyes to look for the little shells. He found (pictured) a LACE MUREX, 5 PEAR WHELKS, a KEYHOLE LIMPET, 2 PAPER FIGS, 28 WENTLETRAPS, and 2 NASSA.

We’ve got a full moon tonight and there will be a pretty low tide tomorrow morning around 7:30. We hope to see you out there!