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Marco Rose Murex

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Rose Murex ID

Rose Murex

This ROSE MUREX is a fabulous shell! We went on a low tide shelling adventure down to Marco and I found two of these shells today and Clark found one as well. I have so many other shells to show you but I’ll start with these and I will continue tomorrow to show you a few more whopper finds. Yep, I said whopper and I’ll tell you right away it wasn’t a JUNONIA but it’s in the really-good-find category.

Rose Murex aperture ID

Rose Murex aperture

This one isn’t even a rosey color, it’s more orange than rose so I was even more thrilled when I found it.

Rose Murex s.aperture

Rose Murex second shell aperture

This was the second ROSE MUREX I found today. Gorgeous.

Rose Murex smaller

Rose Murex second shell

Okay, and one more ROSE MUREX that Clark found …..

Rose Murex blonde aperture

Clark's Rose Murex aperture

This can’t compare to Charley and Peggy’s two JUNONIAS in one week but this is pretty good to us for one day.

Rose Murex blonde

Clark's Rose Murex

I hate to keep you hanging to tell you what else we found but I can’t fit them all in for one post. I had to sit and enjoy these beauties first and shellebrate such good treasures. Our Marco shelling adventure will be continued tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Humongous Shark’s Tooth

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Megalodon sharks tooth

Megalodon sharks tooth?

We find lots of great shells on Captiva but we don’t normally find too many SHARK’S TEETH… especially a big huge chunk (almost 3 inches long) of a fossilized MEGALODON SHARK TOOTH.

Found megalodon sharks tooth

Jen, Karen and Dexter (St Louis)

Jen, Karen and Dexter (I actually think it was Dexter) found this piece of tooth that Jaws must have lost 6 to 12 million years ago. They found it on the beach at South Seas Island Resort this past weekend and called it their best find yet. Yep, I’d say so! That is pretty lucky… but it looks like luck comes easily to them because they had won this vacation on an online drawing. A free week at South Seas! Weehoo!



There was another lucky girl and a good find this weekend …..This is 8 year old Kaitlyn holding another mysterious find she found on the beach off West Gulf Drive. Her grandparents posted this on iLoveShelling FaceBook page and think it’s a CABRIT’S MUREX but I’m thinking it could be a ROSE MUREX but still not sure from the photos. Whichever shell it is.. it’s a fantastic find!! Her grandparents Sue and Mitch told me as soon as she saw it, knew it was a special shell. Good eye, Kaitlyn!

a.Cabrit's Murex

Kaitlyn's murex

I also met shelling sister Anna Lemons today.

anna holding wentletrap

Anna (Ohio) with her wentletrap

She let us know in her comments that she would coming to Sanibel to find WENTLETRAPS at the lighthouse… and looky what she found. Not just any WENTLETRAP, but a big honkin wentletrap! Look at that smile…happy girl!

Shellers at Blind Pass

Looks like there were some pretty lucky people the last few days. I didnt happen to find many shells but I did enjoy meeting such nice shellers and being outside.

Sanibel Blind Pass closing

Although not so happy Sanibel and Captiva are getting closer.

Sanibel Captiva erosion

But really happy to see this little girl soaking in this beautiful sunset.

little girl watching sunset

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Murex in Question

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Close-up of Ellen's Murex

This is the close-up of the MUREX we discussed on last night’s post….and it’s getting exciting! Ellen won’t be able to take it by the shell museum today like MurexKen suggested… but soon. I’m very far from  scientist but it’s looking pretty good to me to be the CABRIT’S MUREX……but then again…..hmmmmm. We’ll have to wait and see…. tick tock. While we wait, here are some more photos of it.

Ellen's Murex "top side"

Ellen's 2" Murex

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