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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Beach Love And Seashells

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Blind Pass, Blind Pass Video, Captiva, CyberShelling, Video | 25 comments

Seashells with aqua flip flop toes on the beach
It’s a special moment to witness the power of Mother Nature as she displays some of her greatest works of art at the tip of your flip flops.

Dreaming of seashells, sunshine and blue ocean

It seems in the blink of an eye, there is a sand bar that formed between Sanibel and Captiva at Blind Pass... and the next moment there are new shells washing on top of it.

The perfect day. Beach, Waves and Seashells.

Each wave brings a special gift.

seahells in bubbling waves

With no preconceived expectations, the surprise of seeing Mother Nature’s treasures wash up is the greatest gift of all.
collecting seashells on Captiva Island Florida after cold front

Pam, Deb and Dave were there to see the glorious day over the weekend…

pam, deb, dave from s dakota visit captiva shells


Beach treasures and seashells found on Captiva

There’s no better view in the world.

Flip flops and seashells on the beach. Paradise

Take a little escape for a moment… Feel the sunshine and imagine your cute toes in flip flops… then click on this next video. Ahhhh. You feel it?

PS- Gulfside City Park has major Beach Bling too!

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Cyber Shelling at Blind Pass With Pam

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in CyberShelling | 17 comments

happy shells

After cold, gray skies covered our island earlier this week, colorful sea shells rolled up onto our beaches. Blind Pass Captiva’s new sand bar collected a long wrack line of sea treasures to comb through and warm the heart. Wanna go CYBERSHELLING with me on this sand bar? Click on the video!

Among all the usual suspects (the Sanibel Six) I found CARRIER SHELLS, BITTERSWEETS, orange CHESTNUT TURBANS, WORM SHELLS, TUBE CORAL, fragments of LIONS PAWS and shells with that cool CORALLINE ALGAE. This is the first cold snap of the season…. and I’m lovin’ it!

sea shells on a rock

Dont forget… Join me next week Wednesday Nov 26, 2014 for an iLoveShelling Shelling Adventure! CLICK HERE for more info…

shelling adventures trips by pam

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CyberShelling Time

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in CyberShelling | 33 comments

cyber shelling alert

I’m a beach addict. If I don’t get my beach fix on a regular basis, I feel a little off kilter. This past week has been filled with other obligations so I haven’t combed any sand, heard soft waves hitting the shore or even seen a proper sunset over the blue horizon. I’m off kilter. I need some CYBERSHELLING so I figure you might be able to use it too. I picked just a few photos I’ve posted before so I could comb through to find at least one or two treasure then decided a video was needed as well to get me through to my next day on the beach. Ahhhhh…. it really is so therapeutic, isn’t it? Have fun CYBERSHELLING too!

virtual cyber shelling seashells

Sanibel Island Cybershelling photo

cybershelling thanksgiving 2013 captiva

cyber shelling miniatures Bunche Beach Ft Myers

Seashells on the seashore

virtual Sanibel cybershelling

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Laid Back Low Tide on Sanibel Island

Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Crucifix Shell, CyberShelling, low tide, Sunsets | 38 comments

Collecting colorful Sanibel seashells

I always have one of those laid back, “No Problem, Mon” attitudes when I comb the beach during a nice low tide on warm summer evenings on Sanibel Island. It’s the perfect weekend.

Sanibel lighthouse lowtide

There was no shelling frenzy. No racing from beach to beach trying to find a huge shell pile. No disappointment at not finding an ALPHABET CONE… or no deflated feeling of not finding the SANIBEL SIX. It was pure pleasure to stroll the Lighthouse Beach to discover little treasures like this along the way…

Simple Sanibel seashells

Theodore from Michigan felt the same way. He had a huge beach to explore and a handful of minis already in his pocket. Happy (and adorable).

Theodore from Michigan visits Sanibel for shell hunting

I was already feeling lucky so when I found this CRUCIFIX SHELL, I snapped a photo and left it where I found it so someone else could find the lucky idol.

Lucky crucifix shell on the beach of Sanibel Island Florida

We also went to Gulfside City Park in the evening this weekend where Clark found these…

low tide evening shell collection

I met cuties Sharon and Matt from Connecticut who were feeling the shelling love too.

Sharon and Matt CT enjoy Sanibel shells

I also met a Missouri family new to shelling and you can see the happiness on their faces. Here’s Hannah, Danielle, Emily, Tyler, Dave, Danielle and Jeff. Talk about cuties!

Hannah, Danielle, Emily, Tyler, Dave, Danielle, Jeff MO  Sanibel sunset

There were lots of live OLIVES making trails in the sand but every once in a while, we’d see an empty, glossy gift of goodness right at our feet.

Lettered olive shell on the beach of Sanibel Island

Laid back warm and fuzzies.

empty lettered olive on the beach

Share the laid back feeling with me and enjoy a little unhurried CYBERSHELLING with me. Take your time and I bet you’ll feel a little more laid back with a few warm and fuzzes for your day too.

Sanibel Island Cybershelling photo

Happy shelling and enjoy your week!

Low tide Beach combing at sunset on Sanibel Island



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Shelling Goes From Famine To Feast!

Posted by on May 17, 2014 in Blind Pass, CyberShelling | 22 comments

some of the shells i found on captiva island florida

Shellelujah! The shells are back. This is just a sampling of shells I found yesterday afternoon at Blind Pass Captiva as we witnessed the power of Mother Nature as she built a massive shell pile at the jetty rocks.

blind pass captiva may 2014 change with shells

This is the photo I posted May 13 of this same area that was wiped clean of shells showing the devastation from erasion. As fast as she can take the beach and shells, she can bring it back. It’s fascinating to watch it happen!

blind pass captiva erosion may 2014


These are the days we wait for…

shells build up at captiva blind pass

With each wave, thousands of shells wash to the shore.

shells in the surf on captiva island florida

Although I have so many more photos to show but have no time to download them, I wanted to give you an update on the shelling conditions in Southwest Florida. As this was happening on Captiva and some of the beaches Sanibel yesterday, I’ve gotten word from Kaybe that similar conditions are happening to the north at Indian Rocks Beach… so if you are near a beach in SW Florida, you might try a little beach combing this weekend. You might find a treasure or two to add to your bag of memories.

If you aren’t near SW Florida, I’ve got some shelling for you too! Click on the next photo to enlarge it for a little CYBERSHELLING of your own. Enjoy!

lots of seashells on captiva island florida

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Two Scoops Of Shellicious Treasures

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Carrier Shell, Crucifix Shell, CyberShelling, Lace Murex, Lighthouse, Wentletrap | 27 comments

Sanibel Stoop at lighthouse beach

Dont you remember that old saying… “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes”? Well, it’s the same with shelling in Southwest Florida. We’ve had swirling high winds with rain the past few days so it has changed the shelling on every beach every 10 minutes. Just as the rain stopped at one point, I hurried to Sanibel Lighthouse Beach to see if the weather brought in good shelling conditions yet. I met more die-hard shellers! A little drizzly weather wasn’t going to keep Ann, Doug and Patricia from Minnesota from shelling…

Ann Doug Patricia from Minnesota visit Sanibel for seashells

Patricia found her first NUTMEG! And… notice that Patricia made her own necklace out of one of the shells (LADY-IN-WAITING VENUS) she found that already had a hole in it. So cute!

patricia found her first nutmeg

Then yesterday morning I met the cutest family from Indiana at Lighthouse Beach… Sean, Lori, Ellie, Wanda and Karl. Karl is a birder who volunteers at Ding Darling a few months in the winter and answered a few questions I had about some of the birds Ive seen lately. We realized how similar shellers are to birders then told him about Gill and Andy’s “The Big Year” 

sean, lori, ellie, wanda karl from indiana shell sanibel

If they were competing in The Big Year with shells, I think Sean would probably be the big winner in the family. As soon as he showed us all the great shells he was finding, he was back to his ankles in the water to find more. Love it!

Sanibel seashells in a shell net

Andrea from Ft Lauderdale said her day was complete since she found a perfect LACE MUREX with a pink nose.

Andrea from Fort Lauderdale found lace murex Sanibel


sanibel island lace murex

Clark took one scoop with his shelling backhoe at the waters edge and brought a pile of shells to me. I snapped a photo so you could shell with me. CYBERSHELL away!

backhoe scoop for cybershelling

While I picked out some nice shells, he brought another scoop to me. Wow! Stephanie, this CYERSHELLING is for you (I got the book- Thank you!)…

cyber shell shelling pile

Did you find these shells and more? Crazy, right? Two scoops of shellicious treasures!

sanibel cybershelling

There were lots of empty wonderful shells just at the surf’s edge on the gulf side at the lighthouse then walking west we found oodles of live creatures in the morning at low tide.

lighthouse shell photo

So…  let’s get back to the “just wait 10 minutes until the weather changes for good shelling” bit. Lots of people ask me how I know which beach to be at for the good shelling all the time. Here’s a secret…. normally, I visit LOTS of beaches to find the best shelling. Yes, I can regularly find good shells or something really interesting EVERY time I walk on a beach here but I do stop by different beaches (Blind Pass, Gulfside City Park, Lighthouse) to assess the conditions on a regular basis and I don’t post on each one. That’s what is fun to me…. seeing the beaches change so much. I want to find the most interesting treasures to learn something and share it with you. So before I found so many shells at the Lighthouse Beach after the rain storm, I visited Blind Pass Captiva where I met Karen, Randy and Stephanie from Orlando…

karen randy stephanie orlando collect shells captiva

Stephanie found a CARRIER SHELL and other goodies on the sand bar on the pass side.

carrier shell, conchs welk coral cerith

It was so much fun to talk to Renee and Charles from Chicago after seeing how excited they were about their finds.

renee charles chicago visiting captiva for shells

Charles found a WENTLETRAP there! After i took this photo, Renee told me she found a SCOTCH BONNET too. Huh? She told me it had a crack in to though so she didn’t put it in her “faves” pile. LOL I forgot to take a photo of it after she dug it out of her bag to show it to me and … yep! It was a beautiful SCOTCH BONNET with a small crack.

shells by renee and charles captiva

I’ve seen lots of cool BEACH BLING all week but this was my favorite… a CRUCIFIX SHELL. Hmmm… with Easter just around the corner.

crucifix shell on a Sanibel  beach

If you are trapped in that unseasonably cold, snowy weather up north, I’m hoping the two scoops from Super Sheller Clark will help warm you up. We are wishing you sunshine and seashells!

clark with shelling backhoe

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