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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

A Shelltastic Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 24, 2016 in Thanksgiving, Turkey Wing | 11 comments

shell turkey beach art

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving from the beaches of Sanibel Island. I’m very thankful today I can share the love of shelling with YOU!

Seashell Thanksgiving Turkey wings

Turkey Wing anybody?

Turkey wings on aqua

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Shellebrate Thanksgiving Day

Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in Beach Holiday, Shell Art, Thanksgiving, Turkey Wing | 10 comments

Seashell Thanksgiving Turkey wings

Gobbling up this shellicious day with gratitude for y’all.

Wishing you the yummiest of TURKEY WINGS to all.

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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I Spied An Ark On Sanibel

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Ark, Beach Art, Cut Ribbed Ark, Lineate Dove Snail, Mossy Ark, Ponderous Ark, Transverse Ark, Turkey Wing | 15 comments

common shell sanibel florida

I spied thousands of ARKS at Gulfside City Park on Sanibel Island this morning. Most days you can find TRANSVERSE ARKS scattered along the beach since they are one of the most common shells on Sanibel.

ark shells sanibel

There are a few different species of ARKS so let me show you the difference. Top row left to right-  a MOSSY ARK and a TURKEY WING. Bottom row left to right- CUT-RIBBED ARK, TRANSVERSE ARK and a PONDEROUS ARK.

common sanibel ark shells difference

It’s a little easier to identify bivalves and see the difference (and the likeness) between them by looking at the interior of the shell. 

interior ark shells

I only had a few minutes to walk the beach today so I just wanted to look for minis in some of the wrack lines I pointed out the other day in my Shelling 101 video. I found TUSK SHELLS (there were thousands of those too), a KEYHOLE LIMPET, WENTLETRAPS, CERITHS, AUGERS, a TURRID, juvie CONCHS, juvie OLIVE, and a piece of CORAL.

miniature shells sanibel gulf side city park

I also found a somewhat beat up LINEATE DOVE SNAIL.

Lineate dove snail sanibel

If you need any help identifying any of these shells, check out my Seashells Identification Page

common shell sanibel florida

As I walked this morning, I couldn’t help but notice this amazing village sand sculpture on the beach- with its own arena and swimming pool. I was inspired to write about ARK SHELLS because so many artists like to use these sweet little white shells as embellishments for their pieces of art- just like this beach artist did. ARKS are perfect decorations for so many projects. Inspiring!

sand castle village sanibel

pam rambo shelling trips

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Early Bird Catches the Seashell Candy

Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Alphabet Cone, Blind Pass, Conch, Cone, Flat Zigzag Scallop, Horse Conch, Scallop, Turkey Wing | 48 comments

katie seashells florida

There are lots of shells at Blind Pass Captiva! Actually I’ve heard there are shells all along Sanibel too at morning low tide but I’m so happy I went to Blind Pass because I met Katie from Kansas who found all of the gorgeous shells in the photo above. Look at that huge, shiny BANDED TULIP and huge TURKEY WING she is holding! Here she is with her dad Mark…

mark katie kansas

I saw Dave and Peg from Cincinnati…

dave peg sanibel seashells

who showed me their incredible shells. Okay, normally I would be whooping it up about that perfect ALPHABET CONE (which deserves a big whoop!) but I could not take my eyes off that orange… yes, orange… FLAT SCALLOP! I rarely see them wash up that color so it’s exceptional that it’s so perfect and that dang big too! Congratshellations you guys!

peg flat scallop alphabet cone

I went to some other beaches late in the afternoon to see if the shells were like this as well…

florida seashells beach

But the tide was so high that it had covered most of the shell piles. So it looks like if you want to find shells like this right now…

seashells on seashore

you have to be shelling at low tide in the mornings.

collecting seashells january fl

 The early bird catches the candy!

orange florida conch shell

PS- No, I never found that ALPHABET CONE I thought I saw in my last video. Darn! But it was fun trying.

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Seashell Show And Tell

Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Alphabet Cone, Colorful Moon shell, Cone, Long-Spined Star Shell, Shellabaloo 1, Turkey Wing | 41 comments

seashell strewn beach

Now that you’ve met the members of the “Maiden Voyage” (cute name, Patty!) for the Shellebaloo on my last post, it’s time for a little seashell show and tell. I have 2 personal favorite shells found during our 3 days together (other than the LONG-SPINED STAR SHELL of course). The first shell is Carolyn’s absolutely perfect ALPHABET CONE…

carolyn alphabet cone

And the other one is Sara’s COLORFUL MOON shell. There was questions about it being called a GAUDY NATICA so I explained that I used to call it that too but since the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum calls it the COLORFUL MOON, I figured I should start trying to call it that. Any way, here’s Sara and her beautiful shell…

sara moon gaudy natica

Isn’t it beautiful? She told me this was her favorite find of the week. Good one!

sara's gaudy natica

I asked everybody else to get out their favorite shells to see which shells made them happiest so we gathered at the gazebo at our home base of the beautiful Island Inn to have a show and tell. Carolyn and Mike added a few to their faves along with her ALPHIE…

carolyn seashells sanibel

Amy showed me her teeny tiny juvie TURKEY WING…

amy turkey wing shell

Karen, Helen and Jackie chose an ALPHABET CONE, TOP SHELL, LACE MUREX (notice that sweet little pink nose) and a KING’S CROWN…

karen helen jackie

Sally and Jim collected a beautiful assortment of different shells to name a few like the green cap filled with TUSK SHELLS, a BRUISED NASA, TINTED CANTHARUS, WHITE MELAMPUS, COFFEE MELAMPUS, a SEA PEARL, a CLOUDY PERIWINKLE (inside the BUTTERCUP LUCINE), and a WENTLETRAP. Nice, huh?

sally jim periwinkle tusks tinted cantharus

Traci and Rob found the SANIBEL SIX

traci rob sanibel six

But when I asked Traci what her one favorite shell was, she told me it was definitely the double OYSTER…

double oyster traci


joann sid angel wing trivia

Isn’t this fun seeing which shells make people happy? Well, this next one made me very happy and made me laugh out loud! Maureen laughed then told us that her favorite shells were speaking to her… maybe by aliens or through hieroglyphics on CROSS BARRED VENUS shells. LOL Now that’s a gal that has a great sense of humor!

maureen Hieroglyphic seashells

This is quite a seashell collection by Kathy and Bill for their favorites. Love, Love that WORMIE (WORM SHELL) and ALPHIE for sure! And I saw that piece of CORAL in her shell bag and “may” have influenced her to put that in her faves too. (oops! but I was so drawn to it! So pretty!). Of course I love the others too… NUTMEG, LACE MUREX, BANDED TULIP, BUBBLE, FIG, SEA PEARL and angel wing.

kathy bill seashells

Arabelle chose a BABY’S EAR, WHITE MELAMPUS and a SEA PEARL as her favorites. I am so tickled she found that BABY’S EAR!

arabelle seabean wt melampus baby

Last but not least was the awesome LONG-SPINED STAR SHELL Joe and Patty found along with some of their other faves… a PURPLISH TAGELUS, TUSK and a KING’S CROWN to name a few.

joe and patty long spined star shell

 I love how easy it was for everybody to pick through all of their shells to narrow it down to the ones that meant the most to them. Each person sees something different in each shell whether it is color, pattern, markings, size, shape or just the location of where they found it. They were all so happy with what they found!

sunrise beach combers

PS- Stay tuned because I have a surprise for you on my next post! We might have another get together soon!

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Thanksgiving With Buttercups And Turkey Wings

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 in buttercup, Sanibel, Turkey Wing | 18 comments


Buttercups and turkey wings

This isn’t a Butterball turkey, they are BUTTERCUPS and TURKEY WINGS for a little seashell therapy for Thanksgiving. And what would Thanksgiving be without turkey…. wings, that is. TURKEY WINGS!

Turkey wings on aqua

All along Sanibel, I found TURKEY WINGS and BUTTERCUPS this past week so I got tickled that Mother Nature was keeping with the Thanksgiving theme. Coincidink? I think not.

Buttercup seashells on platter


Turkey wings interior exterior


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