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seashells color beach blanket captiva

Seashells + Sunshine + Rainbows = Happiness.  It’s the perfect equation to make for a great weekend. Seeing those beautiful shells on a rainbow beach towel sums it up and makes me smile from ear to ear after being out in the sunshine. Karen and Mike from Fort myers found a FLORIDA CONE, TINTED CANTHARUS, OLIVES, AUGERS, CONCHS, WORMIE, CORAL and lots of other goodies to total an exshellent shelling day at Blind Pass Captiva.

blue beach blanket seashells

Donna from Clermont, FL looked as beautiful as her shells (on the water blue beach blanket) while she was being shaded by her darling beach hat and umbrella. She was thrilled to find 2 BANDED TULIPS!

donna clermont fl visit captiva seashells

You know I love to peek in shell buckets! Oooooo. I spy an ALPHABET CONE!

seashells inside blue shell bucket captiva

Laura from Ft Lauderdale is the proud sheller filling up that shell bucket.

laura with shells captiva turner beach

Wow! These are some of her faves … the perfect ALPHABET CONE, BITTERSWEET, TULIP, NUTMEG and a cool piece of CORAL. Happiness.

laura ft lauderdale visit sanibel seashells

I started out the weekend at the Lighthouse Beach where I met Gary from Illinois with his shelling backhoe. He wasn’t having much luck finding keeper shells that evening but he said he didn’t mind since he had already collected great shells all throughout the week. He knows the beach changes every day so you have to take advantage of what you find each day… and that evening was a double rainbow! You can still see the faint rainbow on the horizon behind him.

gary shelling backhoe sanibel

Bella and Mackenzie had to stop and take in the beautiful site before it faded away. Sweet!

mackenzie bella watch rainbow sanibel

I posted this same rainbow with the CONCH SHELL on Saturday because I couldn’t wait to show you. They never last long so it’s always so exciting to see them, much less snap a photo in time to catch it. As I was snapping photos of the shells under the rainbow (CLICK HERE to see it), twins Brady and Katie were strolling by collecting shells when Brady reached down and grabbed “my” FIGHTING CONCH. His mom saw that it was the shell I was photographing, so she told him to put it back down. I said “No, no, no…. it’s ok! I’m not going to keep it any way”. LOL By that time, the rainbow was in full color so while Brady and Katie still had the shell, I snapped another photo of them. OMG it this adorable or what? You can’t make this stuff up!

brady katie tampa visit sanibel rainbow

It’s happiness.

gull and Sanibel rainbow


Double Rainbow Over Sanibel Conch Shell

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conch double rainbow sanibel island florida

Summer showers bring ridiculous rainbows. After a week of afternoon downpours, I finally saw a beautiful rainbow…and a double one at that! I had to share in a quick little post to hopefully brighten your weekend even more.

conch shell under rainbow on sanibel

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Finding A Pot Of Gold

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family water seashells captiva

 The beach at Captiva’s Blind Pass near the jetty rocks was an absolutely gorgeous aqua blue yesterday… and that’s where SaraBeth, Todd, Pati and Kate from Texas were finding their turquoise pot with golden treasures.

turquoise shell bucket bp

Danielle from North Carolina found this bucket of golden shells in the water too along with her family in the background. See how close they were to the jetty rocks? It was calm and clear- so completely different from last week when TS Andrea came through.

daniel nc shelling captiva

All of the shelling action was in the water so Mikey, Linda and Mike from Tampa, FL were chest deep in the water too having a ball scooping up CONCHS, WHELKS and a variety of shells. They know if the shells arent on the beach… get in the water to look for them! Most likely you will find something golden and you’ll have a great time looking.

mikey linda mike seashells captiva

I also want to show you all of the live creatures that are around Lighthouse Beach this week. Michael R found this WEST INDIAN SEA EGG (URCHIN) in one of the tidal pools at low. It really doesn’t show up well in this photo but the spines were a beautiful pink tint. Thanks for showing it to me Michael before you put it back in the water.

west indian sea egg sanibel

Its always a treat to see such a laaaarge healthy TRUE TULIP scooting along the shallow waters. I thought he wanted to be in a little deeper water so I put him in a tidal pool that just covered his shell but he made a “U-ie” and went right back to shallow water. Okay, dude- I get it. I’ll leave you alone next time. :)

live tulip scoot sanibel

There were thousands of live SAND DOLLARS everywhere! I thought this one was so interesting since it was so light in color but very much still alive… And that he had repaired himself from an injury.

live repaired sand dollar

We normally don’t see SEA ANEMONES like this one laying on top of the sand like I found this one. Weird, huh? But it was still alive so I hope he survived after I put him back in the water.

white sea anemonae

We’ve had rain on and off this whole week so it’s been fun to see so many RAINBOWS! This one stretched along the horizon to remind us that Southwest Florida is an amazing pot of gold.

rainbow over Sanibel beach path

I’ve got some fun news…  We reached 6000 “Likes” on our iLoveShelling Facebook Page! Wahoo! Thank you Lisa Rothman for being our 6000th shelling friend!

6000 facebook  likes

One more thing…Only a few days left to enter to win a shelling vacation on Sanibel! Enter now so CLICK HERE!

Seashell Island Shelling Vacation


Colors Of Sanibel Summer Skies

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lavender sanibel sunset

 Summer skies on Sanibel are fantastic when the storm clouds quickly roll in and out changing the colors in an instant.

red sunset over sanibel

 I snapped these photos throughout Saturday and Sunday when I saw an extreme color change.

sanibel lighthouse rainbow light

I’m always in awe of Mother Nature’s paint brush.

storm cloud sanibel beach

sanibel light

sanibel beach faint rainbow

 Storm skies can be so beautiful… until the cracks of thunder make us head for shelter.

storm barnacle phils

 Then after the rain dies down and the lightning passes…. chasing the rainbow begins!

chasing sanibel rainbow

 But it fades so fast…

sanibel seashells rainbow

 But no worries, just when you least expect it, a little piece of hope pops out again.

rainbow royal palm


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Rainbows and Coquinas

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Seashell Cherub

This little angel with the rainbow is one of my mom’s favorite photos I took last summer so I wanted to show it again since she isn’t feeling well right now. I left Sanibel after the July 4th parade to stay with her in Virginia Beach so needless to say, I don’t have any updates on the shelling. Oh but wait! Clark just called to tell me our Junonia Jalopy won runner up for the parade’s “Junonia” category which is Most Original/Best Overall. Woot! Woot! What an honor!

A few days before I left, the COQUINAS were covering the beach again which reminded me of this video I took last summer June 25. So let me leave you with this for a few days until she’s back on her feet and I’m back on the island again.   YouTube Preview Image

PS- I miss seeing squirrels! We don’t have squirrels on Sanibel so I am enjoying seeing so many  in Mom’s backyard. They are so cute! …… except when they eat all the bird seed- ha.


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Seashells Under The Rainbow

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Whelks Under the Rainbow

We headed to the beach after a nice, well needed rain shower on Tuesday evening.  When we started walking down the path to the beach, the sky seemed to get a strange yellowish tint …….then the rainbow. But wait…..a double rainbow!

Beach Path to the Rainbow

Snowy Egret Under the Rainbow

Whelk under the Rainbow

As I took a picture of this live LIGHTNING WHELK (for you Barbara!), a man out of nowhere plops an even bigger live whelk right beside it. It looks like I staged those 2 whelks in the first picture but that’s exactly how he put it down…..perfect! Not 5 seconds later, a sweet little girl came running over to see those 2 whelks. Her grandparents Janice and Ted saw that I was photographing the shells and told her to leave them alone………I felt like I was in slow motion…..snapping away and telling them Kayleigh (from yesterday’s post Cherub Under the Rainbow) was quite alright if it was okay if I photographed her. She is aaaddorrraable! A little seashell cherub has come to inspect the whelks to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Seashell Cherub

This one is MY little seashell cherub under the rainbow…….teehee

Shelling Rambo Under the Rainbow

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