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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Low Tide Sand Bars

Posted by on Jun 23, 2010 in Florida Weekly, In the News | 22 comments

Lowtide sand bars

I have hot news! But let me tell you about the shelling news first because I really enjoyed the people I met today and I think you will too….

It’s always exciting at low tide on the sand bars at the beach. I wasn’t really finding any keeper shells (or those live BABY EAR tracks) but it really didn’t matter after I saw these young cousins having so much fun filling their bucket with pieces of FIGHTING CONCHS, OLIVES, TULIPS and  lots of  little BUBBLE SHELLS. Do they get any cuter than this?

Jillian, Emma, Rebekah and Ava

Then Clark called me over after hanging out on the sand bar with Donn talking about Texas A&M football while Charlotte was sittin’ and diggin’ up beautiful shells. She was just sifting through the sand finding a few really nice WHELKS while the tide was coming in.

Charlotte and Donn (Texas)

Then Dan came over to get help digging up a whelk and said “I found a huge whelk about 15 inches long. Can you help dig it up with that shell rake?” Off we went, splashing over to the next adventure. Clark helped him dig around the “shell” and finally pulled up the treasure. LOL Doesn’t look like a whelk to me. How about you? ;)

Addy and Dan (Kansas City) with driftwood treasure

Ok, I’ve waited long enough to tell you. The Florida Weekly came out today with the iLoveShelling article!!!!! I’m really tickled with it………… but I’m a little embarrassed about the title. There are so many shellers on the islands and so many who at least have found a junonia.. haha. I think it should have said “A sheller….” instead of ” The sheller…”  but who’s counting, right? LOL (a little giddy) Here it is.. Just click on the picture if you can’t read it to make it open in a new window.

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Spreading The Shelling News

Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in Florida Weekly, In the News, Main Sail Video Productions, Wink TV | 17 comments

Jessica and Ilene from Main Sail Video Productions

You won’t believe this……… is going to be in the news!!!!! Thanks to you!!

I guess you’ve been spreading the word about my shelling blog and the pictures I’ve been posting because I had two…..yep, I said “TWO” interviews yesterday for the press. Holy cow!

Yesterday morning, I met writer David LaGaccia from the Florida Weekly newspaper at the lighthouse beach to show him why we all loving shelling so much. What a nice guy.  He didn’t know a lot about seashells or any of the other treasures that wash up on our beaches so I think he was genuinely intrigued. I was a little nervous so I completely forgot to take a picture of him or the shells on the beach to share. Okay,  maybe I was a little more nervous than I thought because I felt so tongue tied being interviewed and goofy having my picture taken. I’m usually the one behind the camera taking the pictures.

And then I started SWEATING (sorry, but I had to scream). Get this- in the afternoon, I had an interview with Ilene Safron from Main Sail Video Productions to do a segment for our local news channel WINK TV. They filmed me blogging! I am like a deer in head lights when I have to speak on a video and this is going to be on TV. Yikes! Ilene and her assistant Jessica turned out to be very easy and calming that my anxiety changed to excitement. I was even more relaxed when we got to the beach at Blind Pass where I got to show them all of the shells. So now I’m more excited than crazy (a shower helped too- LOL) and I can’t wait until both show up next week.

The Florida Weekly will hit the stands on Wednesday June 23.

The WINK TV (local CBS affiliate) segment will air Friday June 25 at noon

I had to share all of the excitement since you are helping to spread the shelling joy! I’ll keep you posted.

The shell pile at Blind Pass yesterday while we were "filming"

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