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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Beachcombing At Bowmans With Flying Gopher Tortoises

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Gopher Tortoise | 28 comments

Beach combing Bowmans Beach Sanibel

The sunset at Bowman’s Beach last night was picture perfect… but then so were the shells.

Bowman Beach filled with sea shells

I was combing through a wide string of shells a mile long when I came across half buried spots in the sand… omigosh! Rasher frasher… just a piece. But a biiiig piece of JUNONIA. It’s a big beautiful piece of spotted goodness that I will definitely keep for the Shellaboratory.

Almost! Junonia shell large fragment on Sanibel

There was nothing wrong with fabshellous ZIGZAG FLAT SCALLOP though…

Zigzag Flat scallop Bowmans Beach Sanibel

There were all sorts of different shells washed up on the beach. Not only did I find that big honkin JUNONIA frag but I found OLIVES, FIGHTING CONCHS, colorful CALICO and ROUGH SCALLOPS, 2 other FLATS,  couple of WORMIES. The really surprising thing was that I found two ROSE PETAL TELLINS (just below that FLAT at the tip of my fingers). Cool!

Junonia fragment and seashells found at Bowmans Beach Sanibel

I was such a lovely evening hanging out with my friend Ellen (Shellen) …

Ellen at Bowmans with shells

She found some nice beauties too.

Sweet shells from Sanibel

Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided to ride bikes to the beach.

Pam Rambo biking Bowmans Beach Sanibel aqua

I’m so happy we did since we found out where the shells have been hiding!

Shell beach on Sanibel Island Florida

The last time I rode bikes to Bowmans Beach was with my buddy Diane a couple of weeks ago. (She was with me when we saw the BOBCAT on North Captiva… hmmmm she was also with me when I found my whole JUNONIA I need to take her shelling with me more often!) I just realized I never posted this awesome video of our bike ride down one of the paths to the beach. We saw two GOPHER TORTOISES flying down the path directly at us.

gopher tortoises sanibel

I seriously don’t think they thought we had food since we saw them so far down the path already moving so fast. It took me a few minutes to get my camera out and they were still in a full gallop… then I had to get off my bike to let them pass by. It was crazy! Here’s the video…

I might be visiting Bowman’s Beach a little more often now, don’t you think?

Sunset and seashells At Bowmans Beach Sanibel

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Barefootin’ With Shelling Sistas

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Bonita Beach, Gopher Tortoise, Jewelry, Lion's Paw, Mexico, Rocky Point, Sanibel, Shark's Teeth, Tulip Egg Case | 24 comments

shell and palm tree

It sure was a roller coaster weekend… literally.  Hurricane Irene was rolling along the coast wreaking havoc and causing lots of trouble. My family and friends in Virginia Beach are fine (some with no power still, but fine) and I hope you and yours that were in Irene’s path are okay as well. I spent most of my time glued to the weather channel wrenching my hands so I took a 45 minute drive to Bonita Springs on Saturday to meet my Shelling Sistas Carla and Kelly at Barefoot Beach for some well needed shelling time. The welcome wagon was there to greet us in the form of a GOPHER TORTOISE…

gopher tortoise Florida beach

He was even so friendly to hang out with Kelly for a bit. How cute are they!

kelly disney barefoot beach

The tide was pretty high when we started our treasure hunt but there’s always something fun to find on the beach.

Barefoot beach high tide

Carla spotted a couple of SHARK’S TEETH and fossil piece of a mouth plate to a PUFFER FISH….

carla shark teeth

I only found one little SHARK’S TOOTH but was happy to find any!

sharks tooth bonita

Carla came across this PEN SHELL with such a colorful EGG CASING attached to it. It looks like a beautiful flower blossom!

seshell egg case

I am a little confused which egg sacs these are because of the color but I think this maybe a TRUE TULIP EGG CASE that just was formed. Take a look and see what you think. I’d love a positive I.D. so if you can help, please help us learn what it is. Here’s a closer look at this beauty….

colorful mollusk egg case

Carla walks this beach probably as much as I walk the Sanibel beaches so she has a keen eye to find the goodies like the SHARK’S TEETH, EGG CASES and this perfect empty LACE MUREX …

carla lace murex

Did you notice her necklace? Yes! She found that big honkin tooth and made a necklace out of it like she did for the oh-so-cool piece of sea glass she gave me. I love it Carla!

Carla Barone seaglass

Kelly was soaking in the beauty of the day every second….

kelly in the surf

I was thrilled when she brought seashells she found from Puerto Penasco, Mexico (aka- Rocky Point) to share. Thank you Kelly! Now remember, these are shells from Mexico NOT Florida…

seashells from Rocky Point Puerto Penasco

Seashells from Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco, Mexico)

I didn’t get a picture of all her treasures our day on Barefoot so she sent a photo of her shells from the day…

kelly disney shells

I know these don’t look like great shells to most, but these were my favorite finds on Saturday- CORAL, WORMIE, SHARKS TOOTH, a piece of a LION’S PAW (!), a tiny OLIVE with beautiful color and pattern and a SEA PEARL.

beach treasure

Since I was so distracted by Hurricane Irene, I didn’t get to show you another shelling sista I met last week on the beach in Sanibel. It was so nice to meet you, Desiree! I love your hat!

Desiree sheller

She said she bought a cheapy hat and embellished it using hot glue with shells she found on Sanibel. She said it was a snap to make since the ribbon was already there to glue the shells to. It’s the simple things that make life fun, isn’t it?

Desiree shell hat

I have some pictures of Blind Pass from yesterday evening at low tide that I won’t probably get to post until tomorrow but it’s just an FYI…. there are shells there. You have to look in the water right at the edge of the small drop off. Good luck! In the mean time, enjoy a few more pics of Barefoot Beach…

Barefoot beach at high tide

shell in the tree

shells on branches

shell rose


Barefoot Beach map


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