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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Touched By an Angel Wing

Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Angel Wing, Community Outreach, Make A Wish | 19 comments

Comfort Make a wish seashells

“Every beautiful shell from the sea is a treasured gift” – I’ve said that countless times after admiring the amazing architecture, color and patterns of shells and bling that have washed up at my feet while taking a walk on the beach. I feel like I receive another wonderful gift when I meet folks who appreciate those same awesome gifts from the great Mother Nature.

dennis and jesse collecting seashells

Nicole, Dennis, Jesse and Sophie from Oregon gave me that gift last week… which was being able to hang out with this is one awesome family!
Sophie's Make a Wish on Sanibel

The moment 5 year old Sophie’s feet hit the sand, she barely had time to look up as she picked up one fascinating shell after another.

nicole and sophie on the beach shelling

She already knew lots of the shell names too since she and her family had been studying up on the types of shells they might find on this very special Make-A-Wish trip to Sanibel.

seashells in a pink bag

The whole family told me they loved seeing all of the live creatures on or around the island… like DOLPHINS, MANATEES, TURTLES and the BIRDS but I think Jesse especially liked the ALLIGATORS (Ack! haha) in Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and little critters like this HAIRY CRAB on the beach (maybe its a Pilumnus sayi ?) . I’ve seen lots of these little hairy guys in the SPONGES lately.

Sanibel Florida hairy crab

Jesse pulled these shells and beach bling aside to show me that his favorite finds from the beach were the smallest of treasures. Dont you just love that his faves are the tiniest ones?

jesse's favorite shells while visiting sw florida

Nicole and Sophie picked out a few of their favorite beach treasures … trying to just pick the best of each species (from a massive pile of shells they collected- haha). It wasn’t easy for them to pick just a few!

angel wing butterfly

As I oohed and aaahed over Dennis’s SCOTCH BONNET, ALPHABET CONE and GAUDY NATICA, Nicole told me that picking out a few shells and arranging them makes each one just a special as the moment you found them. I couldn’t agree more. Together we made a masterpiece (with an ANGEL WING butterfly Nicole arranged with WORM SHELL antennas- heehee) using their favorite shells and beach bling collected on their trip.

Comfort Make a wish seashells

These are special peeps whom I will have special memories with for a very long time.

Nicole Jesse Dennis and Sophie on the beach

Last week was a little chilly but they didn’t mind a bit- They are so stinkin silly and fun!

Pam with Sophie's family

I hope they look back on their Sanibel trip as Spectacsheller!

dennis and sophie on shelling cruise

I know I will… as I feel like I’ve been touched by an ANGEL.

angel wing in the sand

A big THANK YOU to Make-A-Wish for making it possible for Sophie and her family to come to Sanibel, Florida.




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Life Is A Beach

Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Make A Wish | 20 comments

simple beach

The beach gives us a different perspective about life, doesn’t it? The calming sounds of the waves lapping up on the shore and the smell of the salty sea seem to give us powers of healing. We start getting a little rejuvenated by the aqua colors of the water, blue skies, splashes of orange and pink shells on the bed of tan sand to bury our toes in.

boy father with sand bucket

It brings us back to the basic beauty of life.

boy and girl sand pale

A simple bucket filled with sand, water and a few shells can be the perfect ingredients for a marvelous morning.

baby fish

This simple little bucket can turn into a fascinating world of wonder after adding a tiny baby fish.

boy with sand bucket

This is better than finding a JUNONIA.

wonder bucket

The whole family can share in the joy of the “wonder bucket”.

family on Capitva beach

Cody, Sarah, Tim and Angie were my best “finds of the day”…. It’s always nice to find a great shell but sometimes it’s even better to find a great family enjoying the uncomplicated pleasures of the beach.

girl with heart on beach

Besides finding the fish for her little brother’s bucket, Sarah found a large heart shaped rock. Perfect for a girl with a big heart.

parents on captiva

Soaking up every single second of this beautiful life at the beach. This is what I call an awesome happy day!

peaceful beach

I wish every family could have this experience.

aqua water jetty rocks

So I’d like to dedicate this post to

Make-A-Wish Foundation.

boy and sand bucket

If you would like to know more about Make-A-Wish, make a donation or spread the word about how to grant a child’s wish, please click on….


A special thanks to Royal Shell for their generosity to grant wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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