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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sea Glass Beach Finds While Beach Combing Okinawa

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Beach Glass, Japanese Glass Float Sea Glass, Okinawa Japan Beach Combing, sea glass, Sea Marbles | 19 comments

Colors of Sea Glass and Sea Marbles

Goodie Goodie SEA GLASS gumdrops! This is what the BEACH GLASS looks like tucked in every nook and cranny of sand, coral and rock of Okinawa, Japan. Beautiful, sugary chunks of eye candy.

Sea glass beach finds beachcombing Okinawa Japan

Each and every SEA GLASS fragment is razzle dazzle frosted seaglass-el .

Stack of colorful Seaglass

On our vacation from Sanibel Island, Florida to Okinawa, Japan…  we were not disappointed one moment on our beach combing adventure looking for different types of seashells and BEACH BLING. Each day we discovered something new.

Seaglass marble with seashells coming beach Okinawa japan

I don’t think I’ve been more excited about any beach find than when I found a SEA MARBLE in my favorite color in the world… aqua.

(okay, maybe that’s stretching that- I actually cried when I found my JUNONIA in 2011– but still)

Happy Pam finds an aqua sea marble beach combing Okinawa Japan
Look at this Marble-ous gem!

Aqua turquoise sea glass marble Okinawa Japan beach combing

You think I was happy when I found this cool pitted CAT’S EYE SEA MARBLE too? lol

Happy finding seaglass marble in Okinawa Japan beach combing

How do SEA MARBLES form? Most of the time they start out as a real marble or round glass ball. There are different theories to answer why they washed up on the beach and the first one is the most logical… kids playing with marbles on the beach years ago. But there are way too many rolling in around the world’s beaches for it just to be child’s play. Some SEA MARBLES are from a Japanese glass bottle called Remune that used a marble as a stopper so when the bottle was discarded, the marble ended up in the ocean. Cargo ships used to use marbles as an inexpensive way to redistribute weight to provide stability so I’m sure many times they were dumped overboard. Painters used to use marbles in paint cans to mix the paint so if you think about how much “battle ship gray” paint was constantly used on all those ships, of course they’d end up losing their marbles.
Seaglass sea marbles green, aqua, golden and yellow

So we got a little carried away collecting just the shades of blues and greens but I couldn’t believe the different colors of turquoise, aqua, teal, soft blue, lime green, forest green, jade and even the clear glass was so beautiful. These were mostly fragments of old bottles but a few look like shards of old glass tableware, art glass or even insulators that have been tumbled in the salty ocean for decades to become sugary smooth.

Sea glass shards in green, blue, turquoise, aqua, jade, teal
These next pieces are from the bottom or base of glass bottles. I even found one rare pink piece of SEA GLASS!

Pink Aqua Turquoise Green Sea glass bottle bottoms

These are fragments of old glass bottle lips.

Sea glass aqua turquoise green bottle lip shard

These curled SEA GLASS pieces are shards from the old bottle necks.

Aqua Turquoise Sea glass curved bottle neck shards

I even found shards of flat SEA GLASS that was etched.. maybe from a privacy glass window etched by an artist.

Sea glass window art glass shard beach find

We found 2 very cool pieces that have formed round balls that kick-up in the middle of the glass like a button. I had an idea what they were but couldn’t be sure until I found a sea glass gal on [email protected] who verified that they were big SEA GLASS hunks of JAPANESE GLASS FLOATS. Oh yaya- Thank you! That’s “Glasstounding” (heehee). Before we left for Japan, both Clark and I were hoping to find one of those Japanese GLASS FLOATS washed up on the beach. A float would awesome BEACH BLING but finding these GLASS FLOAT chunks that have been broken, tumbled then smoothed by the sea for years and years… are very special to us. Of course I think mine (the bigger brighter one on the left) is cooler and Clark thinks his (the smaller darker one… that does have a way cool formed ball) is cooler. hahaha

Japanese glass float sea glass nipple kick up fragment


If each piece of BEACH GLASS could talk, I’m sure the stories would be … wait for it… Glasstonishing. (hee hee)

Any way you look at it, i Love Seaglass!

i Love Seaglass

See the rest of the story, photos, seashell and more info on this trip here…

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If you want to know more about SEA GLASS, I also found lots of good info in Pure Sea Glass Identification Deck.

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Our Exshellent Beach Combing Adventure in Okinawa Japan

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in Beach Glass, Indo Pacific shells, Okinawa Japan Beach Combing, World shelling | 66 comments

Collecting beach glass and seashells in Okinawa Japan

Finding turquoise, aqua and shades of green SEA GLASS scattered all over the beaches of Okinawa, Japan was enough to make my heart skip a few beats. But… to find THE most amazing shells washed up in the sand and in between rocks? My heart almost leaped out of my body!

Turquoise sea glass and Okinawa seashells on rocky beachTurquoise sea glass and Okinawa seashells on rocky beach
I’m not even sure how I kept it together after I found these shells in the next photo while taking an hour stroll on the beach before breakfast. And yes… I said “on the beach” – can you believe it?  All of the shells we found were on the beach or just at the water’s edge. Pinch me!

Morning beach combing finds in Okinawa Japan

Every day we woke up to this stunning view in Nago, Okinawa looking down from our room at that beautiful beach where I found that awesome SPIDER CONCH, DIMIDIATE AUGER, PAINTED SCALLOP and BEAR PAW CLAM.

Beach with clear turquoise aqua water in Okinawa Japan

Our heads were spinning as we stared at our shell loot from our first day shelling. I know… what?

Beach finds from one day shelling in Okinawa Japan

That was Day 1. Ready to get your mind blown away? This was Day 2 in Okinawa…

Day 2- Sea glass and seashell beach combing finds in Okinawa Japan

To explore the entire island, we rented a car to find sweet little paths leading to the spectacsheller shell filled beaches.

Beautiful path to rocky beach in Okinawa Japan

From there, we hiked miles of beaches and climbed mountains of rocks to get to another Shellgri-la.

Hidden beach cove with shells and coral in Okinawa Japan

Each step took us to another Shelltopia.

Okinawa Japan seashells with Adan Fruit on the beach

Every afternoon, we sifted through our treasures to ogle at our fortune.

Cleaning organizing shells on vacation in Okinawa Japan

Okinawa has been on our bucket list since we visited our friends Lee and Susan when they lived in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. While we were visiting them, they showed us their collection of shells they found in Okinawa… OMG… they had those SPIDER CONCHS and huge CONES they found on the beaches. Immediately Clark and I looked at each other “We HAVE to go there!”.

Pam and Clark Rambo explore Okinawa Japan

I’m telling you, each day filled us with excitement and joy to discover a new world of beauty.

Seashells and Coral with hibiscus flower in Okinawa Japan

I want to share more photos with identifications of more shells and beach bling but after traveling more than 30 hours back home to Sanibel… I’m a little off my game right now. But to tide you over if you have questions, here are maybe a few answers …

Hotel? AJ Kouki Resort

Airline? American/JAL/Jetstar

Car? Times Car Rental (FYI- Clark did an awesome job driving on the other side of the road!)

Food? Loved it! We stuck to places around the hotel with of course lots of chicken, fish, rice and noodles… not as much sushi as we thought we’d find. (Funny, they have soup and salad for breakfast)

Traveling with shells? As with all of our trips, we only bring home what will fit in our carry-on suitcases. So yes, we brought home lots of shells with no problems going through security. We didn’t however take a big wardrobe so we would have room for our loot. I did take like 5 different shelling shirts (I washed them every night in the tub) but it seems all of my pics have that pink one on- hahah. Maybe thats my new lucky color? Naaaaa- I’ll stick to my aqua- ;)

Snorkeling? We snorkeled for maybe 2 hours one day… it was so weird… although it was extremely clear and pretty, we didn’t see any shells. I picked up one empty OLIVE- thats it. We saw a few live STRAWBERRY CONCHS which are very common (we called them FIGHTING CONCHS while we were there since they were every where- haha) and then felt like we were waisting time since all of the empty shells were on the beach. Well, and plus- I snorkeled with my waterproof backpack which failed and leaked… with my iPhone with the Lifeproof waterproof case on it inside the backpack… the case failed too. I drowned my iPhone- ugh. That was the end of snorkeling for our trip but trust me- that did not slow me down. iPhone schmiphone- there was no time to worry about that- there were beaches waiting for me to explore!

Check out more info about this trip to Okinawa and lots more photos on ..

Gone Extreme Shelling- Across the World–

Sea Glass Beach Finds While Beach Combing Okinawa–

Indo Pacific Seashells Of Okinawa Japan

Nicobar spindle shell on Okinawa Japan beach

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