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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Cockles, Conchs and Quahogs

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Alphabet Cone, Angel Wing, Atlantic Giant, Banded tulip, Colorful Moon shell, Dark Cerith, Fighting Conch, Horse Conch, Lightning Whelk, Pen Shell, Ponderous Ark, Sanibel, Southern Quahog, True tulip | 13 comments

sanibel seashells on pen shell

After several weeks of east winds, the west winds have finally arrived to drive some shells on to our beaches. Today was only the first day of the westies but since it was a really low tide this morning, I figured I’d find some goodies. It’s always a good day when you find an ALPHABET CONE and you’ve got to see just how darn cute this little juvie HORSE CONCH is…

juvenile horse conch

I couldn’t believe I found this ANGEL WING sitting in the high wrack line…

angel wing bivalve sanibel shell

I love when I find shells like this BANDED TULIP lying on the beach like this.

banded tulip off donax

Tonya, Beth and Max from Ohio had their bags filled with all sorts of treasures.

tonya, beth, max sanibel seashells

Wanna look in their shell bags? I sure wanted to too! COCKLES and CONCHS and CLAMS…

sanibel seashell bags

Max found this live LIGHTNING WHELK in the high tide wrack line so he walked it down to the water and gently put it in the water. Good for you Max! You helped save this beauty.

live lightning whelk max

I found local Sanibel sheller Lynn walking her very happy standard poodle Alexander with a pocket full of seashell treasure too.

alexander standard poodle lynn beach

Look at those pretty those COLORFUL MOON shells along with those candies and a mini TURE TULIP.

lynn seashells moons conchs

There was all sorts of bivalves scattered along the beach. I found this ATLANTIC COCKLE, PONDEROUS ARK and SOUTHERN QUAHOG together on the beach just like this…

atlantic cockle, ponderuos ark, southern quahog

This is the biggest DARK CERITH I’ve ever found. It’s one and a half inches long!

1 1/2 inch cerith seashells

 I was pretty pleased with what we all were finding on the beach near Donax Street today after the first day of west winds. Tomorrow might be even better!

low tide shell collecting

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Bunches of Minis at Bunche Beach

Posted by on Nov 26, 2011 in Fiddler Crab, Ladder Horn, Marginella, Melampus, Nassa | 25 comments

Bunch Beach Fort Myers Florida

In Fort Myers a mile or so before you get to the Sanibel causeway bridge, you’ll see a sign on your left for Bunche Beach. Clark and I were running a little early (very unusual) to meet some friends so we decided kill a few minutes and check out the beach. I think it’s only the second time we’ve ever stopped at Bunche Beach.

sand sculpture bunche beach

We knew it was low tide but had no idea it would be this cool.

moon walk on the horizon

It felt like we were on the moon.

low tide bunche beach fort myers florida

The crazy FIDDLER CRABS were out in the masses here too. If you missed my video of their madness, CLICK HERE.

fiddler crab fight bunche beach fort myers sanibel

fiddler crabs bunche beach florida

And lots of minis!

seashells at Bunche beach Florida

At first, I thought there were oodles of AUGERS but noticed the lip was a little fat… they are LADDER HORN SNAILS.

ladder horn snails

You can see it a little better in this next photo. Cute, huh?

ladder horn snail

And there were mounds of MELAMPUS.

Melampus seashells

Melampus seashell both

These little NASSA shells are so bright yellow and tiny, I wasn’t sure if they are the BRUISED NASSAor not. I think they may be juveniles.

Yellow Nassa

Nassa seashell

Last but not least, I found three MARGINELLAS.

Marginella seashells

 We had so much fun exploring Bunche Beach, I think we’ll make this a regular stop when we go off island.

Clark on the horizon beach

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Thanksgiving With Buttercups And Turkey Wings

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 in buttercup, Sanibel, Turkey Wing | 18 comments


Buttercups and turkey wings

This isn’t a Butterball turkey, they are BUTTERCUPS and TURKEY WINGS for a little seashell therapy for Thanksgiving. And what would Thanksgiving be without turkey…. wings, that is. TURKEY WINGS!

Turkey wings on aqua

All along Sanibel, I found TURKEY WINGS and BUTTERCUPS this past week so I got tickled that Mother Nature was keeping with the Thanksgiving theme. Coincidink? I think not.

Buttercup seashells on platter


Turkey wings interior exterior


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Thankful For The Beach

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 in Birds, Sanibel | 24 comments

boy with gulls

I love to see little kids enjoying the simple pleasures of beach combing. It’s the amazement on their faces when they see lots of beautiful shells and understand how really special they are. I watched Logan picking up FIGHTING CONCHS like it was an Easter egg hunt.

boy digging seashells

Then something else happened that made the thrill of shelling even more incredible. The whole flock of birds behind him decided to show off. He stood up very slowly not to scare them but to watch.

boy on Sanibel beach with birds

They flew… then soared….. then swirled to completely surround him.

child on sanibel beach with birds

He just stood there taking it all in.

boy on beach watching birds

 Watching this magic moment was the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving week off. But wait…. I turned around to see this precious moment too. Logan’s sister Kayley was on her own shelling misson…

little girl digging beach sand

 Here they are with their cousin Madison. Aren’t they the cutest!!

kids on beach with seashells

 As we are getting ready for Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for the time we get to spend on our beaches to see this joy every day to share with you.

boy with gulls

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Beautiful Buried Treasures

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Alphabet Cone, Angel Wing, Augers, Bubble shell, Cerith, low tide, Pen Shell, Purplish Tagelus, Sanibel | 10 comments

live starfish with people gathered

 Gabriel found this live STARFISH (BROWN SPINY SEA STAR) on a PEN SHELL at low tide late this morning at the Sanibel Lighthouse beach. His whole family came over to look at it and to ohhh and ahhh so I had to find out what the fuss was about. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, I mean the STARFISH is beautiful but also to hear the excitement and amazement of finding life and treasures that come from the sea. That’s beautiful too.

family of sanibel shellers michigan

Gabriel, Danielle, Peggy, Paul and Mark

It was such a pleasure to meet this family! They were trying to learn the names of all the shells they were finding so I was thrilled to help them. This was our best find…. an ALPHABET CONE that was semi buried in the sand.

alphabet cone lighthouse sanibel florida

I don’t have photos of all the shells we were finding but here are some of the shell they found that  I help identify…

Auger Shell ID Cerith Seashell ID Wentletrap ID Bubble Seashell ID Nutmeg ID button Shell ID Sharp-Rib Drill Shell Identification Purplish Tagelus Shell ID Keyhole Limpet Shell Identification

Oh how I’ve missed my walks at the lighthouse  beach on Sanibel. Ever since the day light savings time change, I’ve been discombobulated. I like my walks with Clark in the evening but now it gets dark too early for me to wait until he gets home from his office. But now after meeting such an amazing family on the beach today, it got me right in my beach combing time zone again. Here are a couple of my finds….

Most of my finds today were half buried in the sand like this half buried perfect ANGEL WING.

buried angel wind seashell

 This LIGHTNING WHELK was perfectly empty too but I almost missed it since only this much of it was showing. More buried treasure.

buried whelk sanibel lighthouse

This morning started off my weekend with a smile so I  hope I can pass it along to you too. Have a great weekend!

Sanibel lighthouse point

miniature shelling sanibel florida Sanibel shelling

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