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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

The Calm After The Storm

blue heron at sunrise Sanibel

 All is quiet now on Sanibel.

beached bouy at sunrise sanibel

The storm is gone and seas are calm.

sunrise sanibel sheller with tool

The sun will rise…

man shelling at sunrise

Life will continue…

Horse conchs sunrise Sanibel

Shellers will shell…

Lisbeth Sanibel stoop

Lizbeth and Maureen will laugh with joy…

Lisbeth Maureen 7

Share their gifts of the sea…

Lisbeth seashells

This is what I call paradise.

Great Blue Heron sunrise Sanibel


  1. Gorgeous photos Pam, thank you for sharing your Paradise with us.

    • Gorgeous….you are an inspiration! Will be there in just 3 weeks…driving this time, so will not be “limited” in the number of shells I get to travel home with :)

  2. paradise is right! Pam, I need a full size file of that top picture so I can print one out – its gorgeous! Can you send one to my regular email even if it takes a while to load? I hope you are saving your pictures – it would make a great “I Love Shelling” coffee table picture book…..sigh….wish I were there. The weather here is miserable. Cold, rainy, grey and dreary…

    • Same :( might even snow…..

      • Using these to make a coffee table book! Now i know what to tell my husband i want for Christmas!!!

    • I love the idea of an “I Love Shelling” coffee table book!

      • Me, too….Pam takes the best pictures ever!

    • I have been looking into doing a photo book!…. but OMG they are so expensive to do but I’m not giving up- things are getting more and more reasonable. Thank you thank you for all of your support and so many ideas! I really can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.

      • What about making a photo book through iPhoto on your Mac? They have some great templates! Then we could buy it fom you!

        • I have made other books (for birthdays and they turned out FABULOUS) on the mac but they were $60 just for me to buy but…… hmmmmm….. maybe Ill check out the quantity discount again and see if I buy more it would be cheap enough to sell them too. Thanks you Sherri and all you guys. I need to start doing something with my collection now and I so appreciate the support. Would you mind if I take some polls to see what we all could afford and/or would want?

  3. love your photos!

  4. Beautiful words for such a lovely morning! :)

  5. That was such a nice meditation :)

  6. Oh Pam!!! I cannot wait to return. SANIBEL = PARADISE!!!!

  7. Stunning photography and words!

  8. You sure are right about paradise. The colors ae breathtaking. It’s amazing how a few beautiful pictures and thoughts about this wonderful place can bring calm to a very hectic work day. As always, thanks Pam!

  9. These are breathtaking! Sigh…oh to be there to witness such beauty. Where did you take these? Can’t figure out where you were. Lighthouse end or up near Captiva? Thanks for sharing such wonderful talent you have!

  10. Only one word will do . . . MAGNIFICENT! Thanks for posting these fabulous pictures.

  11. I’m blown away………….

  12. Plan to be on the road early Sunday morning.
    Lee & Bill

  13. Just absolutely beautiful!! Thank you!

  14. Lovely……

  15. Paradise is the perfect description, Pam… ♥ Can hardly wait til I can return.

    xoox laurie

  16. be there in 2 days!!!!

  17. Hey, all you Pammy followers: I’m so happy that many of you will be visiting Sanibel and Captiva in the near future. I’ll soon be behind you. Have a wonderful time!

    Shelling sista, Marcia.

  18. Thank you Pam for a little piece of heaven every day. The coffee table book is a fabulous idea! If you do it, please include your captions . . . I love them!

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Will have to wait till Feb/Mar to return but these pics make it easier to wait it out in Pa. Thanks!

  20. Yes, that definitely is paradise!

  21. Thank you Pam for your incredible pictures. We are Canadians coming in five weeks for our second year on Sanibel (we came last year after following your blog!). Is there a place on the island where we could purchase a sand scoop with a handle for shelling? Ordering online now doesn’t give us enough time to get it before we go. We met you last year when my daughter found a Junonia piece in the pile at Captiva. Hope to see you again! Barb

  22. Amazing photos…and wonderful finds! Wish I was there! ♥♥♥

  23. Great photos Pam!

  24. Love this post!!

  25. SIGH…………………………..WISH I WERE THERE.

  26. Gorgeous pictures a Calendar would be great of some of your best pics. So enjoy the updates.

  27. These photos are truly majestic! Love them!

  28. Hi Pam,

    I commented about a month and a half ago on how much I love your website and blogs. Although I haven’t been to Sanibel since 1997, I was fortunate enough to be in Hilton Head for a month (Sep/Oct). The shelling there isn’t the best, but I have been happy with what I’ve found. On Oct. 9/10, we, too, had a pretty good storm with high winds that created heavy surf and unfortunately beach erosion. After that storm, I was able to find some beautiful shells – the normal whelks, olives, moon snails and arks, but whole, in great condition and empty. I also found a shell that I’ve never seen before and have looked on the internet and some shell books, but have had no luck finding out what it is. I don’t know if there is any way that you or Murex Ken would be able to help me in identifying it or not. It is a faded pinkish orange, almost olive shape but definitely not an olive. It is very delicate. It’s about an inch and a half long. Is there any way I could get you a picture of it?

    Again, thanks so much for taking time in writing about your experiences and posting your beautiful pictures. I have been enjoying your website now for almost 3 months and look forward to your updates.

    • HI Holly, The easiest way to see the photo is If you are on Facebook, please post a picture on the iLoveShelling page at It sounds like maybe it is a flamingo tongue?

      • Hi Pam, Thank you for the link. I just posted 3 pictures of my “mystery” shell that I can’t figure out what it is. I tried looking on the internet some more yesterday with no luck. Thank you for your help. :)

    • Holly, I am happy to give an opinion concerning the ID of a shell from Hilton Head. If it is a snail (gastropod), it probably will not be that difficult to ID. I have looked for your pictures on Pam’s Facebook page, but do not see them. I am not a member of Facebook and do not know much about the Facebook website/features. Pam, can you send me these pictures as an attachment to an email or can you or Holly explain to me where the pictures are on your facebook page? I can see Holly’s picture of shark teeth, but not the pictures of the “mystery” shell. Let me know, and I will be happy to help. MK

        • Thanks Pam, I just found the photos. Yes, you are right again. It sure looks like a land snail. Funny how those land snails can wash up on the beach.

          • Hi MurexKen,

            Yes, “mystery shell” finally solved, but I really appreciate your assistance as well as Pam’s – you both have been great.

            Yes, funny how those land snails wash up on the beach. Hilton Head has a lot of creeks and marches in addition to the beach, so my guess is that this snail was in those areas and somehow got washed into the ocean from the heavy storms that hit the area on October 9th and 10th. That storm sure provided great shelling on the 11th. I would still love to get back to Sanibel soon. When I have time, I’ll try to post the pictures on your Facebook wall of the shells I found while there in 1997 that I have displayed in a jug. I took time yesterday to browse through the pictures that others have posted as well and really enjoyed looking at them.

            Thank you both again.

  29. I’ve come back and looked at these pictures 3 different times – they are stunning!!

  30. Oops, in my reply to you and MurexKen, it should be marshes, not marches. :)

  31. Holly, thank you for your response. 34 years ago MurexAlice and I honeymooned on Hilton Head in November. Although we were not focused on shell collecting at that time, Hilton Head has always been a special place for us. It has some nice shells, especially after a “good” storm. I remember eating some good seafood at Hudson’s restaurant, which was near the bridge to the mainland. Do you know if that restaurant is still open? Cheers, MK

    • Hilton Head – small world! :) Congratulations to you and MurexAlice on 34 years! Hilton Head is a special place for my family too. We’ve been going almost every year since 1999. The first time was in September and we ended up being evacuated (Hurricane Floyd). Since then we’ve decided to go in May, but due to other plans this year, we went Sept/Oct. Yes, Hudson’s restaurant is still there and still open. I hope you both get a chance to go back soon and if you do, best shelling is “the point”, where the Atlantic meets the Port Royal Sound. Happy shelling! :)

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